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Checklist of Katydids North of Mexico

*In this checklist, an asterisk after the common name of a species indicates that the Florida State Collection of Arthropods (FSCA) has one or more specimens of the species. Of the 265 species of katydids known to occur in America north of Mexico, FSCA has specimens of 193. Of the 72 that are missing from FSCA, 50 are flightless species of shieldback katydids from the western United States.

Few species of katydids have vernacular names. The "common names" listed for each species below are intended for use when the scientific name for the species is inappropriate or insufficient.

Family Prophalangopsidae - hump-winged grigs


Cyphoderris buckelli - Buckell's grig*

Cyphoderris monstrosa - great grig*

Cyphoderris strepitans - sagebrush grig*

Family Tettigoniidae (all other katydids)

Tribe Conocephalini - meadow katydids

Conocephalus - lesser meadow katydids*

Conocephalus aigialus - seashore meadow katydid*

Conocephalus allardi - Allard's meadow katydid*

Conocephalus attenuatus - long-tailed meadow katydid*

Conocephalus brevipennis - short-winged meadow katydid*

Conocephalus cinereus - Caribbean meadow katydid*

Conocephalus dorsalis - Eurasian meadow katydid

Conocephalus fasciatus - slender meadow katydid*

Conocephalus gracillimus - graceful meadow katydid*

Conocephalus hygrophilus - Gulf meadow katydid*

Conocephalus nemoralis - woodland meadow katydid*

Conocephalus nigropleuroides - tidewater meadow katydid*

Conocephalus nigropleurum - black-sided meadow katydid*

Conocephalus occidentalis - Pacific meadow katydid*

Conocephalus resacensis - Brownsville meadow katydid

Conocephalus saltans - prairie meadow katydid*

Conocephalus spartinae - saltmarsh meadow katydid*

Conocephalus spinosus - San Diego meadow katydid

Conocephalus stictomerus - spotted-legged meadow katydid*

Conocephalus strictus - straight-lanced meadow katydid*


Odontoxiphidium apterum - wingless meadow katydid*

Orchelimum - greater meadow katydids*

Orchelimum agile - agile meadow katydid*

Orchelimum bradleyi - Bradley's meadow katydid*

Orchelimum bullatum - Texas meadow katydid*

Orchelimum campestre - dusky-faced meadow katydid*

Orchelimum carinatum - carinate meadow katydid*

Orchelimum concinnum - stripe-faced meadow katydid*

Orchelimum delicatum - delicate meadow katydid*

Orchelimum erythrocephalum - red-headed meadow katydid*

Orchelimum fidicinium - seaside meadow katydid*

Orchelimum gladiator - gladiator meadow katydid*

Orchelimum militare - military meadow katydid*

Orchelimum minor - lesser pine katydid*

Orchelimum nigripes - black-legged meadow katydid*

Orchelimum pulchellum - handsome meadow katydid*

Orchelimum silvaticum - long-spurred meadow katydid*

Orchelimum superbum - superb meadow katydid*

Orchelimum unispina - Arizona meadow katydid*

Orchelimum volantum - nimble meadow katydid*

Orchelimum vulgare - common meadow katydid*

Tribe Copiphorini - coneheaded katydids

Belocephalus - short-winged coneheads*

Belocephalus davisi - Davis's conehead*

Belocephalus micanopy - Pine Key conehead*

Belocephalus sabalis - palmetto conehead*

Belocephalus sleighti - Keys conehead*

Belocephalus subapterus - half-winged conehead*


Bucrates malivolans - cattail conehead*

Bucrates weissmani - Weissman's conehead*

Neoconocephalus - common coneheads*

Neoconocephalus affinis - rattler conehead*

Neoconocephalus bivocatus - false robust conehead*

Neoconocephalus caudellianus - Caudell's conehead*

Neoconocephalus ensiger - sword-bearing conehead*

Neoconocephalus exiliscanorus - slightly musical conehead*

Neoconocephalus lyristes - slender conehead*

Neoconocephalus maxillosus - Caribbean conehead*

Neoconocephalus melanorhinus - black-nosed conehead*

Neoconocephalus nebrascensis - Nebraska conehead*

Neoconocephalus pahayokee - Everglades conehead*

Neoconocephalus palustris - marsh conehead*

Neoconocephalus retusus - round-tipped conehead*

Neoconocephalus robustus - robust conehead*

Neoconocephalus triops - broad-tipped conehead*

Neoconocephalus velox - swift conehead*


Pyrgocorypha uncinata - hook-faced conehead*

Subfamily Phaneropterinae - false katydids

Amblycorypha - round-headed katydids*

Amblycorypha alexanderi - clicker round-winged katydid*

Amblycorypha arenicola - sandhill virtuoso katydid*

Amblycorypha bartrami - Bartram's round-winged katydid*

Amblycorypha cajuni - Cajun virtuoso katydid*

Amblycorypha carinata - carinate katydid*

Amblycorypha floridana - Florida false katydid*

Amblycorypha huasteca - Texas false katydid*

Amblycorypha insolita - Big Bend false katydid*

Amblycorypha longinicta - common virtuoso katydid*

Amblycorypha oblongifolia - oblong-winged katydid*

Amblycorypha parvipennis - western round-winged katydid*

Amblycorypha rivograndis - Rio Grande virtuoso katydid*

Amblycorypha rotundifolia - rattler round-winged katydid*

Amblycorypha uhleri - Uhler's virtuoso katydid*

Arethaea - thread-legged katydids*

Arethaea ambulator - walking thread-legged katydid

Arethaea arachnopyga - spider-tail thread-legged katydid*

Arethaea brevicauda - short-tail thread-legged katydid*

Arethaea carita - carita thread-legged katydid*

Arethaea constricta - constricted thread-legged katydid*

Arethaea coyotero - coyotero thread-legged katydid*

Arethaea gracilipes - thin-footed thread-legged katydid*

Arethaea grallator - stilt-walker katydid*

Arethaea mescalero - Mescalero thread-legged katydid

Arethaea phalangium - eastern thread-legged katydid*

Arethaea phantasma - Rio Grande thread-legged katydid*

Arethaea polingi - Poling's thread-legged katydid

Arethaea sellata - sellate thread-legged katydid

Arethaea semialata - semi-alate thread-legged katydid*


Brachyinsara hemiptera - least katydid

Insara - western bush katydids*

Insara apache - Apache bush katydid*

Insara covilleae - creosote bush katydid*

Insara elegans - elegant bush katydid*

Insara gemmicula - gemmate bush katydid

Insara juniperi - juniper bush katydid*

Insara tessellata - tessellate bush katydid

Inscudderia - cypress katydids*

Inscudderia strigata - guinea-cypress katydid*

Inscudderia taxodii - western cypress katydid*

Inscudderia walkeri - eastern cypress katydid*


Leptophyes punctatissima - speckled bush katydid

Microcentrum - angle-wing katydids*

Microcentrum californicum - California angle-wing*

Microcentrum latifrons - southwestern angle-wing

Microcentrum louisianum - Louisiana angle-wing*

Microcentrum minus - Texas angle-wing

Microcentrum retinerve - lesser angle-wing*

Microcentrum rhombifolium - greater angle-wing*


Montezumina modesta - modest katydid*

Obolopteryx - short-winged katydids*

Obolopteryx brevihastata - common short-winged katydid*

Obolopteryx castanea - chestnut short-winged katydid*

Obolopteryx catinata - spoon-tailed short-winged katydid

Obolopteryx emarginata - emarginate short-winged katydid*

Obolopteryx gladiator - gladiator short-winged katydid*

Obolopteryx oreoeca - mountain-dwelling short-winged katydid*

Obolopteryx seeversi - Seever's short-winged katydid


Phaneroptera nana - Mediterranean katydid*

Phaneroptera nr. nana - Woo's katydid


Phrixa maya - Yucatan katydid*


Planipollex pollicifera - thumb-bearing short-winged katydid


Platylyra californica - chaparral false katydid*

Scudderia - Scudder's bush katydids*

Scudderia cuneata - southeastern bush katydid*

Scudderia curvicauda - curve-tailed bush katydid*

Scudderia fasciata - treetop bush katydid*

Scudderia furcata - fork-tailed bush katydid*

Scudderia mexicana - Mexican bush katydid*

Scudderia pistillata - broad-winged bush katydid*

Scudderia septentrionalis - northern bush katydid*

Scudderia texensis - Texas bush katydid*


Stilpnochlora couloniana - giant katydid*


Turpilia rostrata - narrow-beaked katydid*


Turpiliodes mexicanum - Texas turp

Subfamily Pseudophyllinae - true katydids


Lea floridensis - Florida true katydid*

Paracyrtophyllus - western true katydids*

Paracyrtophyllus excelsus - Chisos katydid*

Paracyrtophyllus robustus - truncated true katydid*


Pterophylla camellifolia - common true katydid*

Subfamily Tettigoniinae - shield-backed katydids


Acrodectes philopagus - alpine shieldback*


Aglaothorax diminutiva - diminutive shieldback

Aglaothorax gurneyi - Gurney's shieldback*

Aglaothorax longipennis - Malibu shieldback*

Aglaothorax morsei - Morse's shieldback*

Aglaothorax ovata - ovate shieldback*

Aglaothorax propsti - Propst's shieldback


Anabrus cerciata - big-tooth anabrus*

Anabrus longipes - long-legged anabrus*

Anabrus simplex - Mormon cricket*

Anabrus spokan - Spokan anabrus


Apote notabilis - notable apote*

Apote robusta - robust apote*


Ateloplus coconino - Coconino shieldback

Ateloplus hesperus - western shieldback

Ateloplus joaquin - Joaquin shieldback

Ateloplus luteus - yellow shieldback

Ateloplus minor - lesser shieldback

Ateloplus notatus - noted shieldback

Ateloplus schwarzi - Schwarz's shieldback*

Ateloplus splendidus - splendid shieldback

Atlanticus - eastern shieldbacks*

Atlanticus americanus - American shieldback*

Atlanticus calcaratus - long-spurred shieldback*

Atlanticus dorsalis - gray shieldback*

Atlanticus gibbosus - robust shieldback*

Atlanticus glaber - smooth shieldback*

Atlanticus monticola - least shieldback*

Atlanticus testaceus - protean shieldback*


Capnobotes arizonensis - Arizona longwing*

Capnobotes attenuatus - slender longwing

Capnobotes bruneri - Bruner's longwing*

Capnobotes fuliginosus - sooty longwing*

Capnobotes granti - Grant's longwing*

Capnobotes occidentalis - western longwing*

Capnobotes spatulatus - spatulate longwing

Capnobotes unodontus - one-tooth longwing


Clinopleura flavomarginata - yellow-margined shieldback

Clinopleura infuscata - dusky shieldback*

Clinopleura melanopleura - black-sided shieldback

Clinopleura minuta - minute shieldback*


Cyrtophyllicus chlorum - chaparral shieldback*


Decticita balli - Ball's little shieldback*

Decticita brevicauda - short-tailed shieldback*

Decticita yosemite - Yosemite shieldback


Eremopedes balli - Ball's shieldback*

Eremopedes bilineatus - two-lined shieldback*

Eremopedes californica - California shieldback

Eremopedes covilleae - creosote shieldback*

Eremopedes cryptoptera - cryptic-winged shieldback

Eremopedes cylindricerca - Flagstaff shieldback

Eremopedes ephippiata - saddled shieldback*

Eremopedes kelsoensis - Kelso shieldback

Eremopedes pintiati - Pintiati shieldback

Eremopedes scudderi - Scudder's shieldback*


Hubbellia marginifera - pine katydid*


Idionotus brunneus - brown shieldback*

Idionotus incurvus - incurved shieldback

Idionotus lundgreni - Lundgren's shieldback

Idionotus similis - similar shieldback

Idionotus siskiyou - Siskiyou shieldback*

Idionotus tehachapi - Tehachapi shieldback

Idionotus tuolumne - Tuolumne shieldback


Idiostatus aberrans - aberrant shieldback

Idiostatus aequalis - uniform shieldback*

Idiostatus apollo - Apollo shieldback

Idiostatus bechteli - Bechtel's shieldback*

Idiostatus birchimi - Birchim's shieldback

Idiostatus californicus - Pictet's shieldback

Idiostatus callimerus - pretty-thigh shieldback

Idiostatus chewaucan - Chewaucan shieldback

Idiostatus elegans - elegant shieldback*

Idiostatus fuscopunctatus - black-dotted shieldback

Idiostatus fuscus - dark shieldback*

Idiostatus goedeni - Goeden's shieldback

Idiostatus gurneyi - Gurney's shieldback*

Idiostatus hermannii - Herman's shieldback*

Idiostatus inermis - unarmed shieldback

Idiostatus inermoides - Humboldt shieldback

Idiostatus inyo - Inyo shieldback*

Idiostatus kathleenae - Kathleen's shieldback

Idiostatus magnificus - magnificent shieldback

Idiostatus major - greater shieldback*

Idiostatus martinellii - Martinell's shieldback

Idiostatus middlekauffi - Middlekauff's shieldback*

Idiostatus rehni - Rehn's shieldback

Idiostatus variegatus - variegated shieldback*

Idiostatus viridis - green shieldback

Idiostatus wymorei - Wymore's shieldback


Inyodectes pallidus - pallid shieldback


Neduba carinata - keeled shieldback*

Neduba castanea - chestnut shieldback*

Neduba convexa - convex shieldback*

Neduba diabolica - diabolic shieldback*

Neduba extincta - extinct shieldback

Neduba macneilli - MacNeill's shieldback

Neduba sierranus - Sierra shieldback*

Neduba steindachneri - Steindachner's shieldback


Pediodectes bruneri - Bruner's shieldback*

Pediodectes daedalus - Daedalus shieldback

Pediodectes grandis - grand shieldback*

Pediodectes haldemanii - Haldeman's shieldback*

Pediodectes mitchelli - Mitchell's shieldback

Pediodectes nigromarginatus - black-margined shieldback*

Pediodectes pratti - Pratt's shieldback

Pediodectes stevensoni - Stevenson's shieldback*

Pediodectes tinkhami - Tinkham's shieldback*


Peranabrus scabricollis - coulee cricket*


Petropedes santarosae - Santa Rosa shieldback


Phymonotus jacintotopos - San Jacinto shieldback


Plagiostira albonotata - white-marked shieldback*

Plagiostira gillettei - Gillette’s shieldback*

Plagiostira mescaleroensis - Mescalero shieldback*


Platyoplus gilaensis - Gila shieldback


Roeseliana roeselii - Roesel's katydid*


Sphagniana sphagnorum - bog katydid*


Steiroxys borealis - boreal shieldback*

Steiroxys pallidipalpus - pale-palped shieldback*

Steiroxys strepens - noisy shieldback*

Steiroxys trilineatus - three-lined shieldback*


Tessellana tessellata - tessellated shieldback*


Zacycloptera atripennis - black-winged shieldback*

Subfamily Listroscelidinae - raptorial katydids


Neobarrettia spinosa - greater arid-land katydid*

Neobarrettia victoriae - lesser arid-land katydid*


Phlugis sp. - alien raptorial katydid

Subfamily Meconematinae - quiet-calling katydids


Alloteratura? sp. - Archbold alien katydid


Meconema thalassinum - drumming katydid*

Subfamily Saginae - stick katydids


Saga pedo - matriarchal katydid*

*In this checklist, an asterisk after the common name of a species indicates that the Florida State Collection of Arthropods (FSCA) has one or more specimens of the species. Of the 265 species of katydids known to occur in America north of Mexico, FSCA has specimens of 193. Of the 72 that are missing from FSCA, 50 are flightless species of shieldback katydids from the western United States.

Few species of katydids have vernacular names. The "common names" listed for each species above are intended for use when the scientific name for the species is inappropriate or insufficient.