lesser arid-land katydid
Neobarrettia victoriae (Caudell 1907)

juvenile male

20 s of calling song [1.74MB]; male from Webb Co., Tex.; 32.8C. (WTL332-1)

Waveform of 5 s of calling at 32.8°C (from WTL332-1). Peak frequency 12 kHz.
Click on first half of waveform to hear graphed song.
Click on second half of waveform to expand next to last group of five syllables.

Identification: Front edge of pronotum green; femoral teeth bicolored; center of hindwings jet black; length of forefemur 8-12 mm, males, 10-14 mm females. Length 25-32 mm, males; 31-37 mm females.

Habitat: Mesquite, bushland, shrubby desert.

Season: Late June to October.

Song at 25°C: A pulsating phrase repeated continuously at ca. 2/s, mostly at night.

Reference: Cohn 1965.

Nomenclature: OSF (Orthoptera Species File Online)