Caudell's conehead
Neoconocephalus caudellianus (Davis 1905)


20 s of calling song [1.70MB]; male from Alachua Co., Fla.; 24.5C. (WTL192-5)

Waveform of 5 s of calling at 24.5°C (from WTL192-5). Peak frequency 8 kHz.
Click on first half of waveform to hear graphed song.
Click on second half of waveform to expand last 0.2 s of last phrase.

Identification:  Length 53-61 mm for males and 60-72 mm for females. Robust cone edged with black on its lower surface; ovipositor slightly longer than the hind femur.

Habitat:  Wet grassy areas; freshwater marshes.

Season:  July–Aug; n. Fla. data.

Song:  Powerful 0.5 sec. buzz repeated once per second. Neighboring individuals synchronize their buzzes.

Song data:  Excel worksheet and chart (from spectrographic analyses).

Similar species:  N. ensiger is smaller and has a thinner cone that is decidedly pinched in at the sides. N. robustus has a cone that is immaculate beneath or with black only at the tip.

More information:  subfamily Copiphorinae, genus Neoconocephalus

Nomenclature:  OSF (Orthoptera Species File Online)