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Family Listroscelidinae

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The only native North American species in this subfamily are two species of Neobarrettia: N. spinosa and N. victoriae. Both of these species live in desert areas of the Southwest, making "arid-land katydids" an appropriate common name for the two species. However, in 2013, a single male of a third species of Listroscelidinae was collected in North America. This specimen was from humid south Florida, and it belonged to the genus Phlugis, known only from warm, wet New World habitats. When, in 2017, a male and female Phlugis were collected 40 miles north of where the first specimen was collected, it seemed safe to conclude that at least one species of Phlugis was currently surviving in south Florida and deserved mention on SINA. To accommodate this conclusion, the SINA common name for the subfamily Listroschelidinae was changed from "arid-land katydids" to "raptorial katydids".


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