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slender meadow katydid

Conocephalus fasciatus (De Geer 1773)

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male cercus male subgenital plate tip of hind tibia male
29 s of calling song, male from Jasper County, Texas; 26.2°C. Peak frequency ca. 17 kHz (WTL231-10). Click on sound bar to hear entire recording.
This sound spectrogram is a 5 s excerpt of the 29 s audio file accessible above. Click on sound bar to hear graphed song. Click on waveform to expand 0.5 s of initial ticks and 0.5 s of buzz. spectrogram
Seasonal data: N. Fla. seasonal data.
Song data: Excel worksheet and chart (from spectrographic analyses).
More information:
subfamily Conocephalinae, genus Conocephalus
References: Stainer 1975.
Nomenclature: OSF (Orthoptera Species File Online)
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