handsome meadow katydid
Orchelimum pulchellum Davis 1909

male cercus

19 s of calling song [1.58MB]; male from Glades Co., Fla.; 26.2C. (WTL251-10)

Waveform of 6 s of calling at 26.2°C (from WTL251-10). Peak frequency ca. 8 kHz.
Click on first half of waveform to hear graphed song.
Click on second half of waveform to expand start and end of waveform.

N. Fla. seasonal data.

Remarks:   An update of what is known of the relationship between this species and Orchelimum nigripes is posted in the Remarks section for that species.

More information:  subfamily Conocephalinae, genus Orchelimum

References:  Cabrero et al. 1999; Shapiro 1998, 2000, 2001.

Nomenclature:  OSF (Orthoptera Species File Online)