Genus Amblycorypha
round-headed katydids

Key to genera of false katydids (Phaneropterinae).
Key to species groups of Amblycorypha (round-headed katydids).

North American Amblycorypha fall into three species groups within which the species are sometimes difficult to differentiate. The rotundifolia group (round-winged katydids) was recently revised (Walker et al. 2003) and consists of rotundifolia, alexanderi, bartrami, and parvipennis. Taxonomic problems uncovered during this revision, including "nr. bartrami," are currently being studied by T. G. Forrest and J. D. Spooner. The uhleri group (virtuoso katydids), recently revised by T. J. Walker (2004), consists of uhleri, arenicola, cajuni, longinicta, and rivograndis. Finally, the oblongifolia group (oblong-winged katydids) consists of oblongifolia, carinata, floridana, huasteca, and insolita.

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Spreadsheets of detailed data for this paper are rotundSpec.xls (specimens examined; measurements, including those of files and ovipositors) [133 KB], rotundSongs.xls (songs) [2.11 MB], and rotundEcol.xls (habitats) [42 KB].

Walker TJ. 2004. The uhleri group of the genus Amblycorypha (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae): extraordinarily complex songs and new species. J. Orthop. Res. 13(2): 169-183. [1.29 MB]