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Buckell's grig

Cyphoderris buckelli Hebard 1934

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10 s of calling song slowed to half speed (frequencies are halved and time is doubled); male; approx. 22.5°C. Recording by G. K. Morris; used by permission.
 Click on sound bar to hear graphed song slowed to half speed (frequencies are halved and time is doubled).
Waveform of 2 s of calling at 22.5°C (from G. K. Morris). Peak frequency ca. 15 kHz.
Click on spectrogram to expand last 0.25 s of waveform.
Identification: Length 17–26 mm. Male subgenital plate lacking ventrally directed process.
Habitat: Forest characterized by yellow pine and, at higher elevations, by interior Douglas fir.
Season: May–July.
Song at 25°C: A succession of short trills consisting of long duration pulses produced at a rate of about 54/s. The carrier frequency is nearly pure and about 13 kHz. Males call at night and stay within a meter of the forest floor.
Similar species: Other hump-winged grigs—male subgenital plate with ventrally directed process.
More information:
family Prophalangopsidae
Nomenclature: OSF (Orthoptera Species File Online)
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