Weissman's conehead
Bucrates weissmani T. Walker 2014

dorsum of male
 male terminalia

5 s of calling [1.58MB]; male from 5700 feet, Kitt Peak, Pima County, Arizona. 25C. From D. B. Weissman recording no. 90-45, used by permission.
12 s of calling [2.12MB]; male from 4760 feet, Dragoon Mtns., Cochise County, Arizona. 26.7C. J. A. Cole recording no. 130712-05, used by permission.

Waveform of 5 s of DBW rec. no. 90-45. 25°C. Peak frequency 15 kHz.
Click on first half of waveform to hear graphed song.
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Season: Univoltine; calls as early as 1 June and as late as 5 August. Available evidence and comparison with other North American coneheads suggest that overwintering is by individuals that are in reproductive diapause when they molt to adults in late summer or fall.

Song:  High-pitched, whiny, continuous buzz.

Song data:   189 wingstrokes per s at 25 C.

Similar Species:  No other species of Bucrates is so small or is known from anywhere near Arizona.

Remarks:  In email Weissman wrote, "It was warmer on the mountain up near the observatory (at 7,000 feet, on road 386), than lower down where 386 intersects with Highway 86. The 2 males were captured around 6,750 feet near mile post marker 9. The female was found on the road in the same area. I heard singing individuals all the way down to the intersection of 386 and 86, which I think is around 4,500' They were easily audible from the moving car. 2 males found singing in usual low roadside vegetation."

More information:  subfamily Copiphorinae.

References:  Walker 2014.