sandhill virtuoso katydid
Amblycorypha arenicola Walker 2005

females compared
stridulatory area

22 s of calling song [1.89MB]; male from Tift Co., Ga.; 25.0C. (WTL002-20b)


Waveform of 15 s of calling at 25.0°C (from WTL002-20b). Two complete songs. Roman numerals indicate the type of syllable sequence. Arabic numerals indicate the number of syllables within a sequence. Click on the blue bar to expand that portion of the waveform. Click on the first half of the waveform to hear only the first song (7 s; 590KB). To hear 22 s (1.9MB) of calling from which the two pictured songs were taken, click on the speaker icon above. To hear the first song slowed to one-quarter speed (27 s; 2.3MB), click here.

Expanded porition of waveform

n. Fla. seasonal data.

Nomenclature:  OSF (Orthoptera Species File Online)