4-H Entomology Resources

A variety of 4-H material has been produced at the national and state level. This section National 4-H Publicationsincludes an assortment of current and past publications.

University of Florida and National Publications
These are older activity books publications produced by the University of Florida and current activity books produced by 4-H nationally.


The ABC’s of EntomologyABC's of Entomology
The curriculum is designed to provide hands-on activities that stress the positive and unique aspects of insects, so that participants' understanding and appreciation increases. The ABC’s of Entomology seeks to provide youth with a basic knowledge and understanding of insects and their natural history, to increase awareness and appreciation of insects and the complex roles they have in nature, to stimulate critical and creative thinking, to provide experiences for youth to learn and apply scientific principles, and to provide opportunities for youth to develop valuable life skills. Available in CD format with print ready files.
Examples of lesson plans from The ABC’s of Entomology:

Project Butterfly WingsProject Butterfly Wings
WINGS, Winning Investigative Network for Great Science, is a partnership between 4-H youth and professional scientists. Participating 4-H youth are “citizen scientists” who collect data on butterflies to help professional scientists determine 1) the presence or absence of specific butterfly species, 2) the abundance of butterfly species by state and county throughout the country. The information helps butterfly scientists better understand and conserve butterfly populations.

University of Kentucky 4-H Entomology Resources
Visit the 4-H entomology resource section for entomology curriculum.

Michigan 4-H Entomology Publications
The books in the 4-H entomology series were written in the 1980s so their design is somewhat dated, but the information in them is still accurate and will be helpful to 4-H entomologists.Basic Entomology

  • Basic Entomology (4H1335) (6.1MB pdf) – This member's manual discusses what insects are, how they live and develop, and how to make an insect collection.
  • Advanced Entomological Techniques (4H1336) (4.7MB pdf) – This member's manual acquaints the reader with unique collecting methods, advanced specimen preparation, specialty collections and ways to interact with other entomologists.
  • Insect Life Cycle Studies Member's Manual (4H1406) (8.4MB pdf) – This bulletin is the third in a series of 4-H entomology manuals. It is designed to introduce 4-H members to rearing live insects and studying insects in their natural environments. The manual helps members observe the behavior of insects, raise insects for profit or fun, or learn about insect life cycles under both artificial and natural conditions.
  • 4-H Entomology Leader's Guide (4H1479) (8.6MB pdf) – This bulletin is designed to help 4-H volunteers teach the key concepts covered in the 4-H entomology member's guides. It offers many ideas to help volunteers, including suggestions for group lessons, extra information on techniques, possibilities for field trips and demonstrations, and a list of resources.                                                              

Insectaganza of Excitement Lesson Plans, Minnesota Cooperative 4-H CurriculumThe Key to Insects

"Antivities" are available to kids through this site. The activities can easily be modified to be used with your own students!