Insect Curricula

These sites provide curricula for specific and general insects. Most curricula contain lesson plans, background information and group activities. Butterfly & Moth Teacher's Guide

  • Butterfly and Moth Teacher’s Guide   
    A curriculum devoted to many aspects of butterflies and moths. It includes background information, lesson plans and activities.
  • CityBugs
    Entomologists and teachers are working together to create this web site and curriculum using insects to teach about science. Identify bugs you find by searching the insect database (guided and direct methods available).
  • Exploring Urban Integrated Pest Management: Activities and Resources for Teaching K-6M
    This resource provides the opportunity for K-6 educators in formal and informal settings to use IPM as the real-world theme in which to engage in scientific and interdisciplinary learning.
  • IPM for Teachers Curriculum
    The annual IPM for Teachers summer course is taught at Penn State University Park campus to help teachers learn IPM principles and how to incorporate IPM into their school curriculum. This website includes the course packet with many IPM lesson plans to use in the Neato Mosquitoclassroom.
  • Neato Mosquito: An Elementary Curriculum Guide
    This curriculum guide is designed to teach 4th grade students about mosquito biology and the prevention of La Crosse encephalitis.
  • Pennsylvania State University School IPM Education Resources
    The premier clearinghouse for IPM curricular resources, this website includes a comprehensive searchable database on IPM classroom resources as well as lessons and links.
  • PestWorld for Kids
    Exploring pest ecology for elementary-age students.
  • Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms Information Sheets
    The University of Arizona Center for Insect Science and Education Outreach presents information sheets on various insects. Each insect’s information sheet includes a section on identifying features, natural history, impacts on the ecosystem and tips on collecting.What's the Buzz on Bees
  • What's the Buzz on Bees? - Honey Bee Elementary Education Program
    This education program produced by Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Science are designed to help you teach students in grades K-5 many interesting facts about
    honey bees.
  • Youth Entomology Resources
    This University of Kentucky Entomology web site is designed for teachers, 4-H’ers, young people and anyone else who would like to pursue an interest in entomology. “Katerpillars,” Kentucky’s online source for insect fun and information, includes Mystery Bugs, an online insect game. At the “Kentucky Bug Connection,” students can find entomology facts in the Critter Case Files. Visit the 4-H entomology resource section for entomology curriculum.