Teachers and Parents

"Teachers and Parents" offers not only insect related lesson plans, but also has resources listed that would be helpful to parents, 4-H leaders, or teachers who have students that want to learn more about the bug world.  

Insect CurriculaInsect Curricula

These sites provide curricula for specific and general insects. Most curricula contain lesson plans, background information and group activities.

4-H Entomology Resources4-H Entomology Resources

A variety of 4-H material has been produced at the national and state level. This section includes an assortment of current and past publications.

Downloadable GamesDownloadable Games and Resources

These sites provide downloadable games and activities that students can play to help understand insects along with general information about integrated pest management (IPM). 

UF/IFAS Entomology PubsUF/IFAS Entomology Publications

The University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences produces a variety of posters, ID Decks, curricula, and books that would be useful for identification of organisms or planning lessons. Here is a sample of what is available for insects.


There are many fine resources on the Internet and in libraries to introduce children to insects. Some of the books can also be used to produce lesson plans and activities for children to complete in class to learn about different topics.

Sources of InsectsSources of Insects

Insects can be used in the classroom to teach an assortment of biological concepts including metamorphosis, anatomy and impact on the ecosystem. Local pet stores and bait shops commonly sell crickets and mealworms. Other companies sell a variety of insects and box sets, as well as other supplies.

Butterfly HousesInsect Zoos and Butterfly Houses in Florida

Florida is full of insect zoos and butterfly houses that may be simple as an open-air butterfly garden or as extravagant as a huge enclosed permanent exhibit. Many places have guided tours for groups of students. This page is divided by region.

Insect InfoGeneral Insect Information

These web sites provide general information insects, life cycles, metamorphosis, etc.

Specific InsectsInformation on Specific Insects

These are insect specific web sites.

Interactive WebsitesInteractive Websites for Kids

These sites include games, case files, and other interactive material that would be good for kids.



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