Try these activities at home!

Beginning Antivities

These antivities are great to learn the basics about insects. Antivities on insect body parts, eyes, and mouth parts will help in understanding how insects live their lives.

Intermediate Antivities

Now that you know the basics about insects try these activities to learn more about all the neat things insects do!

Advanced Antivities

Test your knowledge of how insects live their lives with these antivities. See how well you can trap insects or even raise a family of mealworms!

girl with painted butterfly on face

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Other Lesson Plans
  • Can Cockroaches Learn? Students experiment to see if cockroaches can successfully learn to master a maze.
  • Estimating Insect Populations
    By capturing, "tagging", releasing, and recapturing grasshoppers students are able to estimate their population in an area. 
  • Insect Show-and-Tell
    Students collect and tell about the features of their favorite insect.
  • Using Insects in Elementary Classrooms
    This site gives a list of 20 lesson plans compiled by the University of Arizona for grades K to 3.