What Can You do?

These sites give you a chance to have fun with some interactive web sites.

  • 4-H Enviro-Stew Fun and Games 
    Have some online fun playing “The Bug Collector.”
  • 4-H Honey Bee Essay Contest Bee
    Enter to win cash prizes by writing an essay on a specific honey bee topic. Deadline each year is mid-February.
  • B-Eyes  
    See what it would be like to look through the compound eyes of a bee!
  • Bloom's Butterfly Garden 
    Another great site about creating a raised bed butterfly garden.
  • Butterflies & Bugs  
    Butterfly games, print projects, wallpaper, and jigsaw puzzles that can be printed out and played.
  • Butterfly Discovery Game
    Become a scientist and discover your own butterfly!
  • Butterfly Garden Basics (Florida School Garden Competition) 
    Information on what attracts different butterfly species.
  • Entomological Foundation
    This is a very colorful tutorial for kids on all basic aspects of insects. Get a certificate at the end.
  • Fire Ants Kids Corner   Fire Ant
    Print or color online coloring books of the story of red imported fire ant. It also has other cool activities.
  • Insects: The Good, the Bad and the Unusual 
    A cool document that has all kinds of fun insect facts, games and coloring sheets to do.
  • kidsgardening.com
    Learn how to create your own butterfly garden.
  • Online Guide to Insect Songs
    This site lets the user see and hear the songs U.S. crickets, katydids, and cicadas sing.
  • Pest World for Kids  
    Play games and learn about pests in and around the house. It also includes lesson plans and report writing tips.
  • Rearing insects (Michigan Entomological Society)  
    Learn how to raise and care for insects.
  • Rearing Sheets 
    This web site by the University of Arizona gives instructions on rearing common pet store insects.
  • School IPM - Integrated Pest Management in Schools 
    Find out about the neat new ways insects and other pests can be controlled in your schools!Termites
  • Terminix - Online Insect Activities
    Just for Fun!
  • Whack-A-Roach 
    X-Terminate: online game.
  • Yucky World
    Games and strange facts about a host of "yucky" creatures including cockroaches and other insects.  Fun for all ages.

Additional Games