Insect Collection Contest

Do you want a real challenge?
Do you want to test your reflexes and skill?
Do you want to really learn about insects?

If you answered Yes, then YOU should start an Insect Collection.

Insect collecting is fun, challenging, and educational.  Best of all, you can show off all your hard work at your local fair and 4-H Congress.  Every year your collection will get bigger and better, and you will learn more and more.  It's also a project you can keep and remember for a lifetime (seriously). 

You do not have to attend 4-H Congress to compete!  You must fill out the Collection Contest registration form (step 3 below).  See your 4-H agent for registration deadlines.  Competing in the 4-H Bug Club Insect Collection Contest is easy!  Follow these 5 easy steps and you will be ready to start collecting.

1. Choose what division you would like to participate in.

2. Read and print out the rules and instructions for the division you have chosen.

3. Fill out and submit a "Collection Registration Form" on this web site.

4. Start Collecting!

5. Bring your collection to  4-H Congress in July .