Downloadable Games and Resources

These sites provide downloadable games and activities that students can play to help understand insects along with general information about integrated pest management (IPM). 

  • 15 Misconceptions Kids Have About Insects
    This article outlines fifteen of the most common misconceptions kids have about insects.
  • A To Z Kids Stuff on Bugs
    Activities, rhymes, games, coloring sheets – all on bugs!Antlions in Classroom
  • Antlions in the Classroom - View and download information on how to collect and display antlions in the classroom!
  • Bug Crafts for kids!
    Try one of these insect-themed arts and crafts projects from this Family Fun site. You'll find everything from crazy & cute to creepy & crawly!
  • Florida School IPM Information Source
    The mission of the Florida School IPM mission is to reduce the risk of pests and unnecessary pesticide use by promoting integrated pest management (IPM) in schools and providing support, resources and training.
  • IPM Florida
    The IPM Florida website provides up-to-date information on integrated pest management with special emphasis on IPM practices of relevance to Florida. It includes a teaching resources section.
  • IPM Super Sleuth
    114 pages of games (word searches, lingo, crosswords, etc.) in interactive or PDF format.Nebraska Pest Private Eye Game
  • Nebraska Pest Private Eye
    Learn about pests and IPM tools and use them to solve your own case.
  • EPA Interactive Roach Prevention Activity
    Roaches are one of the most common household pests. Use this site and complete the activities to learn what kids and adults can do.
  • Insects: Friends or Foe?
    Coloring book distinguishing beneficial insects and pests.