Learn About Insects

These web sites are a great way to learn a few things about the world of insects. 

  • Alien EmpireRhinoceros beetle
    This special multimedia web companion to the three-week NATURE mini-series takes you into the bizarre, fascinating world of insects, with amazing graphics, sound and animation, enhanced video, and activities for kids. Read the articles to learn more about how insects reproduce, live together in society, migrate and battle for survival.
  • BugFacts
    This site covers useful info about the most commonly found insects and a few non-insects, including insect development and odd interesting facts.
  • Bug Food  
    This web site will show you everything (and maybe a little more) than you ever wanted to know about insects as people-food.  This site includes history, facts from around the world, and even a few recipes.
  • BugGuide
    This site provides basic information about insect orders, families, species, etc. It also includes many high-definition photos of insects. 
  • Crime Scene Creatures – PBSCrime Scene Creatures provides information on how insects can be used to determine the time of death in crime scenes including an interactive case file.  
  • Critter Files
    A lot of good information and photos of many common insects.
  • Department of Entomology and Nematology Online publications
    Over 30 sites produced by department faculty and students on a variety of insect topics.
  • Entomology for Beginners
    Very basic information about the parts and life cycle of insects.
  • Entomology Index of Internet Resources    
    This is an Entomology Search Engine set up by Iowa State University.  A great source for all kinds of insect information and pictures.
  • Insect 101
    These articles cover insect anatomy, behavior, growth, and defenses. Ladybug
  • Insecta Inspecta  
    Insect information written by kids for kids.
  • Insectclopedia 
    A portal to all types of information on insects, control, ID, hobbies, and lessons.
  • Insects, Disease, and History Site 
    Discover the impact insects have had on human history.
  • Just For Kids – USDA bug information
    The answers to kids’ tough questions on bugs like the difference between a spider & a bug, what bugs eat, who eats bugs, and much more.
  • Pest Web
    Learn all about Pest Control and the Pest Control Industry.
  • Pet Bugs 
    Caresheets, Bug Quiz, FAQ's, Supplies, and more on your favorite insect or arachnid.
  • Sci4Kids
    What would happen if you opened your cereal box and found insects where the raisins should be? Sci4Kids explores the science behind questions like these in a collection of informational stories written by ARS (Agricultural Research Service) Scientists.
  • University of Florida Book of Insect Records  cicada
    Ever wonder which insect flies the fastest? has the longest life cycle?  lays the smallest eggs?  Check out the Florida Book of Insect Records for more information on the coolest bugs observed and recorded.
  • University of Florida Pest Alert  
    Lots of good insect pest information.
  • The Virtual Insectary 
    Lots of great pictures and information about a wide range of bugs.  This site also has information about ecosystems and how insects fit into the "bigger picture."
  • Wonderful World of Insects 
    This is a great site with lots of information on different kinds of bugs.  It also has some great links.