Insect Zoos and Butterfly Houses

Monarch Butterfly
Florida is full of insect zoos and butterfly houses that may be simple as an open-air butterfly garden or as extravagant as a huge enclosed permanent exhibit. Many places have guided tours for groups of students. This page is divided by region.

North Florida

    • Butterfly Rainforest (Gainesville, FL)
      Come face-to-face with exotic, vibrant butterflies fluttering atop a lush tropical canvas of foliage and flowers as you experience the Butterfly Rainforest, the Florida Museum of Natural History's newest permanent exhibit.
    • Greathouse Butterfly Farm, Inc. (Earleton, FL)
      A working farm specializing in raising butterflies native to Florida.
    • Panhandle Butterfly House (Navarre, FL)
      Enjoy the elegant flight of butterflies and become immersed in the fragrances and beauty of the flowers in this educational and interactive exhibit. Just drop by or schedule a “Kiderpillar” school tour.

Central Florida

    • Butterfly Haven (Okeechobee, FL)
      A 1/2 acre free roaming butterfly garden with 2000 plants, built in the shape of the zebra longwing butterfly (FL. state butterfly). There were 56 species in our NABA count this year!
    • Brevard Zoo (Melbourne, FL)
      Open-air butterfly garden
    • Central Florida Zoo (Lake Monroe, FL)
      Butterfly sensory garden
    • Wings of Wonder Butterfly Conservatory at Cypress Gardens (Winter Haven, FL)
      This butterfly conservatory inside the park has a butterfly house and a large display of collected species inside the gift shop.

South Florida

    • Butterfly World (Coconut Creek, FL)
      A huge exhibit where you can walk among thousands of LIVE butterflies in all stages of life and enter their habitat.
    • Caribbean Gardens, the Zoo in Naples (Naples, FL)
      Open-air butterfly garden
    • The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory (Key West, FL)
      There are about 30 to 50 species of butterflies in the conservatory. Some butterflies are always present but others are only available seasonally, so you might see many different butterflies each time you visit.
    • Zoo Miami (Miami, FL)
      Seasonal butterfly event (with live native species); open-air butterfly gardens