Books and Other Resources

There are many fine resources on the Internet and in libraries to introduce children to insects. Some of the books can also be used to produce lesson plans and activities for children to complete in class to learn about different topics.

Bug HunterSMITHSONIAN BUG HUNTER (by Burnie). This small-format book from the Nature Activities series offers information and 30 activities related to "bugs," though the topics covered include other insects, spiders, and even earthworms. Each double-page spread focuses on a single topic, such as "Making a moth trap" or "Spiders without webs." The pages are filled with text, sidebars, instructions, and captions as well as many small photographic images. Everything BugEVERYTHING BUG: WHAT KIDS REALLY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT INSECTS AND SPIDERS (by Winner). A compendium of random information about insects and spiders presented in question-and-answer format. Clear, full-color photos provide close-up views of various species as well as an occasional glimpse at children interacting with them.
Pet Bugs BookPET BUGS: A KID’S GUIDE TO CATCHING & KEEPING TOUCHABLE INSECTS (by Kneidel). This title offers simple instructions for capturing and keeping 26 kinds of common arthropods: ladybugs, pillbugs, millipedes, termites, crickets, several species of butterflies, jumping spiders, etc. More Pet Bugs BookMORE PET BUGS: A KID'S GUIDE TO CATCHING AND KEEPING INSECTS AND OTHER SMALL CREATURES (by Kneidel). More Pet Bugs introduces an all-new batch of fascinating creatures, from ants, earwigs, and earthworms to tiger beetles, tobacco hornworms, and hickory horned devils. You'll learn what each bug looks like, where to find it, how to catch it, and how to care for it.
Simon & Schuster's Children GuideSIMON AND SCHUSTER’S CHILDREN’S GUIDE TO INSECTS AND SPIDERS (by Johnson). This large-format book identifies families of insects in short paragraphs of text accompanied by large-scale, full-color paintings and photographs. Well-labeled diagrams identify the body types and parts common to many insects and spiders. Within each large category (flies, beetles, etc.), a double-page spread focuses on one member of the group, such as the honeybee or dragonfly, offering a closer look at its stages of development, habits, and special characteristics. Crisp and well-designed, this is an inviting visual introduction to insects and arachnids. The Bug Scientists BookTHE BUG SCIENTISTS (by Jackson). The text is organized into profiles of entomologists, each representing a unique angle of the profession: a college professor who sparks student interest with cockroach races; a scientist who uses bugs to help police solve crimes; a Hollywood "Bug Director"; and so on. In between discussion of what each job entails, the highly readable text weaves in plenty of science--everything from insect characteristics to species behavior-- always emphasizing how bugs benefit humans.
Eyewitness Insects BookEYEWITNESS INSECT (by Mound). These new series entries are sure to attract browsers and students researching assignments. Each double-page spread consists of concise, yet lively and readable text and numerous excellent quality, full-color, captioned photographs, drawings, and diagrams. Technical words are defined in context, eliminating the need for a glossary. It's a Good Thing There are InsectsIT'S A GOOD THING THERE ARE INSECTS (ROOKIE READ-ABOUT SCIENCE SERIES) (by Fowler). Fun, factual, fascinating--who says science has to be dull? With striking full-color photos and minimal text, It's a Good Thing There Are Insects immediately involves your readers as they discover intriguing facts about insects and the world around them.
Backyard Bugs Book (DK Publishing)BACKYARD BUGS (by DK Publishing). Take children on a journey of discovery where stunning images of favorite animals literally spring from the page. This new series features photographic pop-ups that will inspire children to learn more about the natural world around them. Backyard Bugs Book (Laughlin)BACKYARD BUGS (by Laughlin). Crawling with full-color, larger-than-life photos, Backyard Bugs depicts the amazing bugs we see around us every day in an altogether new light. From common pill bugs to exotic-looking dragonflies, tiny orange mites to green-fanged spiders, Robin Kittrell Laughlin's vivid photos capture the kaleidoscopic colors, fascinating details, and amazing facial expressions of these underappreciated creatures. 50 color photos.
What is an Arthropod? BookWHAT IS AN ARTHROPOD? (by Kalman and Crossingham) This work is for ages 6-12. Children will be shocked to learn that arthropods outnumber all other animal species combined! They will also be fascinated by the variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and behaviours found among these invertebrates. Labelled diagrams and startling close-up photography will introduce concepts including: the similarities and differences among insects, arachnids, myriapods, and crustaceans; the functions and features of an exoskeleton; moulting, metamorphosis, and other interesting body facts; the crucial function of arthropods in food chains and webs. Micro Monsters BookMICRO MONSTERS: LIFE UNDER THE MICROSCOPE (by Maynard). Look through the microscope at all the amazing creatures living in, on, and around you! In addition to the stunning photographs, informative sidebars, and glossary, readers will find archival photographs and paintings. The Dorling Kindersley Readers combine an enticing visual layout with high-interest, easy-to-read stories to captivate and delight young bookworms who are just getting started.
Insectagations BookINSECTAGATIONS (by Blobaum). Raising mealworms, testing the visual acuity of bees, setting up a watering hole for butterflies–these are just a few of the 40 activities included in this earnest introduction to entomology. Each of eight chapters focuses on a different topic, such as physical and behavioral characteristics; metamorphosis; communication; methods to attract, collect and keep insects, etc. The dense main text covers the basic facts on each topic, while directions for the activities are interspersed among its pages. Big Book of BugsBIG BOOK OF BUGS (by Greenaway). The newest addition to DK's Big Book of series is Big Book of Bugs - the up-close and personal book for young entomologists and all curious kids who are fascinated with bugs. Look right into a spider's eye and get tangled in its web! Marvel at the stunning pictures of teeny tiny creepy crawlies blown up to extraordinary sizes. Engaging annotations provide buggy facts and figures. Larger than life photographs of creepy crawlies include locusts, caterpillars, beetles, flies, grasshoppers, ants, praying mantis, and more!
Games, DVDs, and CDs
The Song of Insects CDTHE SONGS OF INSECTS (CD). Elliott. Amazing photographs of North American insects are accompanied by a 70-minute CD featuring sounds you may have heard from spring through autumn. Many are nocturnal, so identification by sound may be the only way you will know what is out there! Includes sonograms and identification tips. Recordings are keyed to book. Bug Bingo GameBUG BINGO GAME. This colorful bingo game contains 42 illustrated cards with information about the picture on the back of the card. Includes six playing boards along with a generous supply of bingo chips. Different board arrangements for “bingo” can also be called out to add variation to the games. Hours of educational fun for ages 4-9.
Bug-opoly GameBUG-OPOLY. Intriguing game focusing on the diverse world of insects found everywhere one looks (plus a snail and millipede that somehow got into the game). As you play, flip over the deed and read amazing facts about the creature. Get elected as president of the Entomological Society or trade with others to develop a winning strategy. Buzz past go and collect $200 or bug off and go to bug jail. Whatever happens to you, the Bugopoly game is simply crawling with fun. Takes about an hour to complete with 2-6 players, ages 8 and up. Housefly DVDHOUSEFLY, AN EVERYDAY MONSTER (DVD). Far more houseflies are born everyday than there are people in the world. Spectacular close-up photography shows how these incredible insects propagate, feed, and avoid extinction. Learn about strategies houseflies employ to avoid enemies such as reptiles, spiders, fish and birds all of whom relish them as succulent morsels. Learn why all human efforts at exterminating flies have failed. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this gross me out movie. Ages 8-adult. 45minutes.
Eyewitness Insect DVDEYEWITNESS INSECT (DVD). Creative three-dimensional techniques along with spectacular live footage reveals the diversity of insect form, function, and lifestyle. The dramatic photos and informative narration offer a perfect introduction to insects for children ages 7-adult. 35 minutes long plus clips on the making of Eyewitness films. Microcosmos DVDMICROCOSMOS (DVD). This film provides a fascinating, up-close view of the world of insects, snails, and other tiny invertebrates as they work, eat, fight and procreate. This acclaimed French documentary was filmed with special microscopic cameras and high-resolution microphones, which bring the viewer into the subjects' figurative living room.