Poetry and Short Stories

The Thing We Call A Ladybug by Firefly2

I see a speckled dot so small. Red and Black, hardly anything at all.
I tower over this creature with great stamina and fear.
When suddenly the creature jumps right up to my ear!
It flew I swear all the way up there.
Up by my skin ear lobe. Then it started to probe.
Around and about. I really wanted to shout... GET OFF MY EAR!!!
But that I could not for a gentle thing it was. Yet no chirp, tweet, plink, or eekk... not even the slightest buzz.
No, no buzz came from this thing. Could it be a bug?
No I don't think so for it is so primp and proud. And when all my friends came round to see,
I don't believe it thought there was a crowd. "A ladybug" cried Mary Sue.
Yes, oh yes, that's why it flew. And was silent although outspoken
as a bug. A ladybug.
-Firefly 2


Evee's Bug Story

One day Mrs. Ladybug went walking. On her block she saw Mr. Bee talking. She said " Oh, life here in Bugsville is so great!" Just then she saw a little Clickbeetle named Clicker starting to be ate! "You leave her alone!" she said in her loudest voice. "No!" said the bully. A minute later she came back with pepper. Oh how the bully did sneeze!Then a  voice shouted "FREEZE!" " AhhAhhChoooo!" replied the bully. Then all was happy in Bugsville again.
The End.