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Entomology and Nematology Department

Entomology and Nematology Department

Online/Distance Education Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What distance education options are available?

A: Individual courses (undergraduate and graduate), Certificate programs (undergraduate and graduate) and Non-thesis Master's degrees.

Q: Who can enroll?

A: Anyone with a high school diploma can enroll for individual undergraduate courses and the undergraduate certificate programs. The M.S. program and graduate certificates require that you have a B.A. or B.S. degree. Applicants for the M.S. program must meet the standard Graduate School admission criteria.

Q: For whom are the programs designed?

A: Place-bound people who want more knowledge in environmental science, biology, or pest management. People taking these courses often work for, or aspire to work for, organizations specializing in urban pest control, landscape maintenance, mosquito control, public health, government regulatory agencies, cooperative extension, plant production, agrichemical industries, and teaching.

Q: Must I complete the entire degree program?

A: No, you can take courses without enrolling in the degree program, and if you do not desire a M.S. degree, you can take courses at the undergraduate level if you wish.

Q: Must I come to Gainesville?

A: The program is offered remotely, mostly on-line. You can complete all the courses without coming to Gainesville. However, to attain the M.S. degree you must pass a final exam administered by UF faculty, and this is normally done at one of the UF locations in Florida.

Q: I travel a lot; will this interfere with taking a course?

A: Most courses are offered asynchronously, which means you can pretty much work at your own pace, or work ahead to make up for time on the road.

Q: It this expensive?

A: Tuition at the University of Florida is quite low compared to most other states. See our rates here.

Q: When are the deadlines for application?

A: You can start classes at the beginning of the Spring, Summer or Fall semesters and, to do so, you should complete your application six weeks before the start of the semester.

Q: What are the degree options?

A: You can earn a distance M.S. degree in four areas: Entomology, Urban Pest Management, Landscape Pest Management, Medical Entomology.

Q: What are the certificate programs?

A: You can earn a certificate in Urban Pest Management, Landscape Pest Management, Medical Entomology, or Pest Control Technology.

Q: What courses are available?

A: We offer dozens of distance courses, usually 10 or more every semester. Most are related to insect science, but you also can choose from other scientific disciplines such as weed control, vertebrate pest management, plant disease, statistics, nematology, biochemistry, and more.

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: Contact Ms. Allyson Fleischer, the Academic Program Assistant.