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Entomology and Nematology Department

Entomology and Nematology Department

Application Procedures

Applications procedures differ depending on whether you want to take one or two classes as a non-degree seeking student or five classes or more as a certificate-seeking or degree student.

  • Applying to Take a Single Course

    Complete the online non-degree application 

    Please note the following:

    • Non-degree applications are due two weeks before classes start
    • You will only be registered on the first day of classes
    • Please email Allyson Fleischer before submitting an application if you have any questions.

    Follow the below instructions:

    1. Go to this webpage.
    2. Create an account.
    3. Continue the application noting the information found below.

    When completing and submitting the application, please note:

    • Choose the year in which you are interested in attending.
    • Choose “(year) Non-degree Application.”
    • Click “Open Application” to begin out the application.
    • Select Non-Degree Special Program in the Non-degree course request section for the question are you applying to a standard non-degree or to a non-degree special program?
    • DO NOT select Individual Course! Doing so will require you to complete a new application.
    • Choose College of Agricultural and Life Sciences when asked to select the college that provides a special program.
    • Please provide the reason you are applying as a non-degree student. (For example: to begin taking courses before being formally admitted, requirement for work, etc.).
    • When asked to select the special program you are applying to, select the option that applies to you:
      • Entomology Distance—for applicants who would like to enroll in a graduate course
      • Entomology Undergrad Distance Courses—for applicants who would like to enroll in an undergraduate course
    • Course information must be entered on the application, but is not required for our program. Please enter n/a in the first prefix and number (both) fields.
    • Enter your residency information. The residency of our students has no bearing on tuition cost for our program, but this information is required by the University of Florida.
    • If you are a non-Florida resident, check the appropriate box.
    • If you are a Florida resident, fully complete the “Residency Information” section, including the numbers and original issue dates for two of these three identifying documents:
      • Driver’s License
      • Vehicle Registration
      • Voter Registration
    • Add to your ‘safe list’ on your email account. If you receive any emails from our office or the Office of the University Registrar regarding your application, you must respond.
    • Students using the State of Florida Employee Education Program (EEP) should email Feenix Hartell when they create their application. Once admitted to the program, students using EEP will register for their classes with Ms. Hartell.
  • Applying to Enter a Certificate Program

    Prospective students should discuss their academic background with the Academic Program Assistant or their Certificate Coordinator, prior to application.  Students can apply for admission to a certificate program at Choose More Options. Under Certificate Programs, choose Certificate and “I am NOT a currently enrolled UF student” if you plan to take the certificate as a non-degree seeking student. Choose “I am a currently enrolled UF student” if you wish to add a certificate to your current online M.S. graduate program.  Create a new user account and pay the application fee.

    If you are applying to a graduate certificate program, arrange for an official copy of your bachelor’s transcript to be sent to the Office of Admissions at 201 Criser Hall, PO Box 114000, Gainesville, FL 32611-4000.  You will not be able to register for a class until your official transcript has been received.

  • Applying for Admission to the Online M.S. Program


    Preferably you will have a bachelor’s degree in a science field.  If your undergraduate degree is in a non-science field, it should be supplemented with the following coursework:

    • One year of general biology (Two semesters)
    • At least one semester of general chemistry
    • Algebra and trigonometry
    • At least one semester of physics (recommended)
    • Introductory statistics (recommended)

    The University of Florida Graduate School has several admissions requirements:

    • Upper division undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher for domestic applicants
    • Four year baccalaureate degree (or its equivalent) from an accredited university
    • For international students, official scores from a standardized test of English language ability such as the TOEFL (iBT or PBT only) or IELTS
    • If the transcripts and diploma or degree certificate are not in English, certified copies of English translations must be included. Send documents to the Office of Admissions (201 Criser Hall, P.O. Box 114000, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-4000)


    Prospective students must apply online, by visiting this website where information is available to guide the student through the application process.  Arrange for official transcripts and test of English language proficiency to be sent to the Admissions office. Prospective students are encouraged to correspond by email with the distance education coordinator ( when they apply online.

    In addition, the Entomology and Nematology Department requires the following:

    • Three letters of recommendations from persons in a position to evaluate your academic potential.
    • Statement of purpose written by the student, which should indicate previous training and experience, interests, and educational and career goals as an entomologist or nematologist.


    We accept applications for Spring, Summer and Fall admissions, and suggest that you apply as early as possible.  However, we can process applications up to six weeks before a semester begins, if necessary. 


First Contact
Ms. Allyson Fleischer 
Academic Advisor I
(352) 273-3912, Room 1028

M.S. Program
Dr. Andrea Lucky
Graduate Coordinator
(352) 273-3952

Certificate in Pest Control Technology and Urban Pest Management 
Dr. Phil Koehler
(352) 392-2484

Dr. Rebecca Baldwin
Undergraduate Coordinator
(352) 273-3974, Room 2208

Certificate in Medical Entomology 
Dr. Cynthia Lord
Associate Professor
(772) 226-6628

Certificate in Landscape Pest Management
Dr. Adam Dale
Assistant Professor 
Tel: (352) 273-3976