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Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab

Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab

Undergraduate Students

There are opportunities for undergraduate students interested in honey bees to become a member of the Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory. Students can work alongside the HBREL team as volunteers or research assistant employees, take a course offered by Dr. Cameron Jack, Dr. Jamie Ellis or other lab members, and/or develop, execute, and publish quality research while a member of the HBREL.

1. Get Involved - There may be opportunities for students to volunteer to assist with various research projects and extension programs. If you would like to help out and be a part of the HBREL, please contact to learn about the availability of volunteer opportunities.

2. Take a class - Members of the HBREL offer bee-related courses at the University of Florida. Undergraduate students are eligible to take many of these courses. Find out more about the courses offered by the HBREL here.

3. Conduct undergraduate research - Undergraduate students can participate in or independently conduct a research project related to honey bees. Interested students should contact Dr. Cameron Jack or Dr. Jamie Ellis for more information.

Students learning about honey bees

For more information about undergraduate opportunites in the Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab or in the Entomology and Nematology department, please contact:

Dr. Cameron Jack, Assistant Professor 

Dr. Jamie Ellis, Professor

Dr. Rebecca Baldwin, Undergraduate Coordinator

  • Entomology Minor

    Entomology and Nematology also offers a 15-hour minor that can be used to tailor an individual’s career interests. For example, an anthropology student can minor in entomology to become active in forensics. Animal biology students can use entomology to track animal disease transmission. If you wish to pursue our major or minor, please contact Dr. Rebecca Baldwin to determine what courses you need to reach your goal.

    Students interested in a minor in entomology must complete 15 credits of entomology courses, including Principles of Entomology, Insect Classification, Medical and Veterinary Entomology, and other entomology electives customized to the career plans of the student.


    Principles of Entomology and Lab ENY 3005, ENY 3005L (2 + 1 credits)
    Insect Classification ENY 4161 (3 credits)

    Additional approved electives 3000+ courses


    Medical and Veterinary Entomology and Lab ENY 4660, ENY 4660L (2 + 1 credits)