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Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab

Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab

HBREL Courses

Dr. Ellis, Cameron Jack and other members of the Honey Bee Laboratory teach for-credit courses related to honey bees and beekeeping for graduate and undergraduate students. If you have questions regarding the specific courses, please contact Cameron Jack. See a list of course offerings below.

Undergraduate Level Courses
ENY2041C - Practical Beekeeping - Summer B

ENY2890-339C - Insect Research: Scientific Engagement through Honey Bee Health Research - Spring

ENY4573 - Beekeeping I - Fall, Spring, Summer C

ENY4905 - UF in Thailand - Honey Bees of Asia (Study Abroad) - Summer A

ENY4905 - UF in Thailand - Beekeeping in Asia (Study Abroad) - Summer A

ENY4574 - Beekeeping II - Spring

ENY4932 - Honey Bee Biology - Fall

Graduate Level Courses
ENY5572 - Apiculture I - Fall, Spring, Summer C

ENY6934 - Apiculture II – Spring

ENY6934 – Honey Bee Biology – Fall

If you have questions about enrolling in any courses offered by the UF Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab, please contact:

Ms. Ruth Brumbaugh, Academic Advisor I

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