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Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab

Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab

UF/IFAS Honey Judge Program

The next Honey Judge training is planned for August 23-24, 2024 in Panama City, FL.  For more information, click here.

The UF/IFAS Honey Judge Program is a training and certification program for honey show judges. Participants in the program learn the art and science of judging honey, candles, mead, and much more using the time-honored judging traditions initially developed in Wales. 

There are three levels in the UF/IFAS Honey Judge Program:

  1. Honey Judge Candidate
  2. Certified Honey Judge
  3. Advanced Honey Judge
  • Program Requirements by Level

    Honey Judge Candidate Requirements (Level 1- minimum time to complete: n/a)

    1. Participate in an introductory honey judge training

    Certified Honey Judge Requirements (Level 2- minimum time to complete: one year)

    1. Become a Honey Judge Candidate (see Level 1)
    2. Participate in an Advanced Honey Judge training
    3. Steward three honey shows under three different Certified Honey Judges
    4. Earn 75 exhibiting points by showing items in honey shows
    5. Develop a Honey Judge Portfolio of Evidence
    6. Assemble a Honey Judge Kit and Attire
    7. Take and pass the Honey Judge Final Examination

    Advanced Honey Judge Requirements (Level 3- minimum time to complete: five years)

    1. Be an active/participating Certified Honey Judge at honey shows for at least five years (see Level 2)
    2. Judge three honey shows under three different Advanced Honey Judges
    3. Earn 85 exhibiting points by showing items in Honey Show(s)
    4. Develop a Honey Judge Portfolio of Evidence
    5. Critique five personal exhibits
    6. Take and pass the Advanced Honey Judge Final Examination

    For detailed requirements, please click here: UF IFAS Honey Judge Requirements

  • Program History

    The Honey Judge Program at the University of Florida began in 2008, under the moniker ‘Welsh’. The University of Georgia Young Harris Beekeeping Institute and the Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers initially introduced the Welsh Honey Judge Program to the United States (US) in 2008.

    In 2013, the US Welsh Honey Judge Program underwent a significant revision with the purpose of allowing program participants to acquire more skills and knowledge in honey judging. This revision resulted in the addition of the new rank of Senior Welsh Honey Judge.

    In 2019, the program underwent its second major revision, with the purpose of tightening and reinforcing the standards that the program establishes, while ensuring that local Florida judges are able to participate fully in the program. Rebranding under a new title, the UF/IFAS Honey Judge Program, this revised program has reestablished the value and prominence of Florida Honey Judges. Furthermore, reevaluating the program has led to clearer and more stringent requirements for the UF/IFAS Honey Judge Program, which is among the most robust honey judging programs in the world.

Honey Judging Class

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