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Nematode Assay Lab

Nematode Assay Lab

Label the outside of the bag 
Label the outside of the bag with your name and sample number or other identification so that the lab cannot confuse your sample with that of someone else.

Label the bag by writing directly on it with a permanent black felt-tip marker or with a permanent pen or pencil on masking tape stuck to the bag. Do not place a paper label in the bag with the soil - it may decompose rapidly and be unreadable in a few days.

Handling and Submission
Nematodes will die from overheating, freezing, or drying. Do not leave samples exposed to sunlight, or carry them in a hot car trunk or on the dashboard. Do not add water to the sample, even if it seems dry to you. Just package and send it so we get it in the same condition as when you collected it. If nematodes are killed in handling, they cannot be recovered in the laboratory, and you will receive false results.

Complete the Nematode Assay Form with All Requested Information
Print or write clearly. Be sure that your sample identification on the bag and the information on the form are correctly matched. Complete information about cropping history and plans, symptoms, etc. will help us make a more accurate diagnosis and recommendation. Accurate identification of the plant species (and variety, if possible) for which a diagnosis is needed is absolutely necessary to make a recommendation.

Mail, ship, or deliver samples to the Nematode Assay Laboratory as quickly as possible.

Our address is:

Attn - Nematode Assay Lab
1881 Natural Area Dr., 32611
Gainesville, FL

photo of boxes ready to be mailed, used as an example of how to ship nematode samples.