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Nematode Assay Lab

Nematode Assay Lab

Additional  resources that may be helpful

IFAS Diagnostic Services
The gateway for all the agricultural diagnostic services at the University of Florida.
What is a nematode.  General information about nematodes.
Plant-parasitic nematodes.  General information about nematodes that feed on plants.

Featured Creatures – Nematodes
Detailed information about some of the important nematodes in Florida.

The main page for University of Florida Extension Documents.

UF Entomology and Nematology Department
This is our home department.

Landscape Nematology 
Dr. Crow’s research lab webpage.

Society of Nematologists 
An international organization formed to advance the science of nematology.

Organization of Nematologist of Tropical America 
An international organization dedicated to nematology in the tropics and sub-tropics.

Journal of Nematology 
The premier scientific journal dealing solely with nematode research.

microscopic image of a nematode in a plant stem