Genus Triepeolus Robertson, twelve taxa

    These bees are cleptoparasites of Apidae, mostly Melissodes, Svastra, Xenoglossa, Peponapis, and Eucera (=Synhalonia). Mitchell placed them in the genus Triepeolus but this is now considered a subgenus of Triepeolus. This is the only subgenus of this genus found in Florida. Three species, T. alachuensis, T. rufithorax and T. rugosus, are endemic to Florida. 

Key to females (from Mitchell)

  1. Fifth sternum of abdomen concave, slightly down curved apically ..Triepeolus concavus
  2. doeconfem5thsternumventral.JPG (43495 bytes) doeconfem5thsternumside2.JPG (33689 bytes)

    Fifth sternum not concave…2

    Doeruffemsternum5side.JPG (42443 bytes) doelunconfemsterna5side.JPG (42807 bytes) doelunlunfemsterna5side.JPG (35697 bytes)

  3. Clypeus bright ferruginous…Triepeolus rufithorax
  4. Doeruffemclypeus.JPG (61815 bytes)

    Clypeus black….3

    doelunconfemface.JPG (64933 bytes)

  5. Abdominal punctures coarse, close, deep and very distinct; axillae long and slender…Triepeolus distinctus
  6. Abdominal punctures usually minute and close, obscured by short, appressed, black tomentum; if relatively distinct and deep, then the axillae are quite short, only slightly exceeding the mid transverse line of the scutellum….4

    doelunconfemterga2topclose.JPG (70166 bytes) doelunlunfemtergum2close.JPG (73849 bytes)

  7. Pleura below densely and finely punctate, interspaces very narrow and irregular, if at all evident….Triepeolus remigatus
  8. doeremfemmesepisternumbelow.JPG (74938 bytes) doeremfemmesepisternumsidebelowclose.JPG (66575 bytes)

    Pleura below either more coarsely sculptured, or the punctures to some degree separated…5

    doelunconfempleurabelow.JPG (74645 bytes) doe4fafemmesepisternumbelow2.JPG (82843 bytes) doepecfemmesepisernumside2.JPG (61464 bytes)

  9. Basal abdominal tergum with a very broad, median, black patch, leaving lateral yellow-tomentose margins which are little if any wider than the apical, tomentose band…..6
  10. doepecfemtergum1close.JPG (62986 bytes)

    Basal tergum with a more restricted, subtriangular, black patch, the lateral yellow-tomentose areas much broader than the apical bands….7

    doelunconfemterga1_2top.JPG (64092 bytes) doe4fafemterga1&2.JPG (69237 bytes)

  11. Pleura below and mesosternum polished and very sparsely punctate; basal tergum with a very broad, quadrangular, median, black patch….Triepeolus pectoralis
  12. doepecfemmesepisernumbelowclose.JPG (55252 bytes) doepecfemtergum1close.JPG (62986 bytes)

    At least the mesosternum closely punctate….Triepeolus rugosus

  13. Apical pubescent band of basal tergum very narrow and very broadly interrupted, those on 2-4 also very narrow, considerably removed from apical margin and narrowly interrupted medially…Triepeolus alachuensis
  14. Apical pubescent bands of terga 1-4 much broader, entire or only very slightly interrupted….8

    doelunconfemterga2_5top.JPG (52175 bytes) doe4fafemterga2_5.JPG (70510 bytes)

  15. Axillae long and slender, slightly curved, tips about reaching posterior transverse line of scutellum; legs, tegulae, mandibles, labrum and scape ferruginous…..Triepeolus quadrifasciatus
  16. doe4fafemscutellumclean.JPG (67589 bytes) doe4fafemface.JPG (70908 bytes)  doe4fafemside.JPG (48559 bytes)

    Axillae not so long and slender, not reaching posterior transverse line of scutellum….9

    doelunconfemscutum.JPG (65470 bytes) doelunlunfemaxillae.JPG (68620 bytes)

  17. Labrum, scape, tubercles, trochanters, and all following leg segments bright ferruginous….Triepeolus lunatus lunatus

doelunlunfemface.JPG (53833 bytes) doelunlunfemtubercle.JPG (72617 bytes) doelunlunfemtop.JPG (54464 bytes)

Labrum, scape, tubercles and legs entirely black.. Triepeolus lunatus concolor

doelunconfemface.JPG (64933 bytes) doelunconfemscutum.JPG (65470 bytes) doelunconfemrearlegsrear.JPG (40048 bytes)

Key to males

  1. Clypeus bright ferruginous…Triepeolus rufithorax
  2. Doeruffemclypeus.JPG (61815 bytes)

    Clypeus black…..2

    doelunconmaleface.JPG (63479 bytes) doemonmaleclypeus.JPG (63714 bytes)

  3. Median black patch of basal tergum of abdomen very broad, quadrangular, the lateral tomentose areas little if any broader than the apical band…..3
  4. doepecmaletergum1.JPG (67598 bytes) doemonmaleterga1&2top.JPG (50844 bytes)

    Median black patch of basal tergum narrower, more or less triangular, the lateral tomentose areas extensive, very much broader than the apical bands…6

    doelunconmaletergatop.JPG (50415 bytes) doe4famaleterga1.JPG (48320 bytes)

  5. Pleura, mesosternum, face, and clypeus with a dense covering of silvery tomentum, entirely hiding the surface; axillae triangular, posterior angle almost reaching posterior transverse line of scutellum…Triepeolus pectoralis
  6. doepecmalefacehairy.JPG (49327 bytes) doepecmalemesepisternumhairy.JPG (53415 bytes) doepecmalemetepisternumhairy.JPG (55483 bytes) doepecmaleaxillae.JPG (63080 bytes)

    Pleura and clypeus bare in part…..4

    doemonmaleclypeus.JPG (63714 bytes) doemonmalemesepisternumbelowclose.JPG (68878 bytes)

  7. Apical tomentose band of basal tergum complete, without a median interruption; tegulae and legs black….Triepeolus floridanus
  8. Apical band of basal tergum distinctly interrupted medially….5

    doemonmaleterga1&2top.JPG (50844 bytes)

  9. Large (15-16mm); axillae long and slender, nearly reaching the posterior, transverse line of scutellum; legs, tegulae, mandibles and labrum black….Triepeolus monardae
  10. doemonmalescutellum.JPG (70779 bytes)

    Smaller (13 mm or less); axillae usually short.. Triepeolus pectoralis

    doepecmaleaxillae.JPG (63080 bytes)

  11. Axillae joined to sides of scutellum for almost entire length, the free apical angle very short….7
  12. doeconfemaxillae.JPG (72048 bytes) doeremfemscutellum.JPG (73363 bytes)

    Axillae more elongate, with apical angle acute, diverging considerably from sides of scutellum….8

    doelunconmaleaxillae.JPG (66253 bytes) doe4fafemscutellumclean.JPG (67589 bytes)

  13. Scutum broadly yellow tomentose anteriorly, without a median interruption, remainder of the disk black, without yellow tomentum…Triepeolus concavus
  14. doeconfemscutum.JPG (84572 bytes)

    Scutum somewhat less broadly yellow tomentose anteriorly, the yellow band narrowly interrupted, with black medially, the lateral and posterior margins also quite broadly yellow tomentose…Triepeolus remigatus

    doeremfemscutum.JPG (65429 bytes)

  15. Punctures of abdominal terga coarse, close, deep, and very distinct…Triepeolus distinctus
  16. Punctures of terga minute and close, obscured by dense, black tomentum…9

    doelunlunfemtergum2close.JPG (73849 bytes)

  17. Scutum anteriorly with dense yellowish tomentum; tergum 2 with fascia gradually broadened on each side, to completely cover lateral areas of disc…Triepeolus remigatus
  18. doeremfemscutum.JPG (65429 bytes) doeremfemterga1_4.JPG (60961 bytes)

    Scutum without conspicuous pale tomentum anteriorly; band on tergum 2 of nearly uniform width across plate….10

    doelunconmalescutum.JPG (66015 bytes) doelunconmaletergatop.JPG (50415 bytes) doe4famalescutum.JPG (67241 bytes) doe4famaleterga1_3.JPG (63627 bytes)

  19. Axillae exceptionally long and slender apically; legs, tubercles, tegulae, mandibles, labrum, and scape bright ferruginous; black patch of basal tergum very narrow…Triepeolus 4-fasciatus atlanticus
  20. doe4fafemscutellumclean.JPG (67589 bytes) doe4fafemface.JPG (70908 bytes) doe4fafemscutumclean.JPG (71165 bytes) doe4famalelegsrear.JPG (51486 bytes) doe4famaleterga1.JPG (48320 bytes)

    Axillae of ordinary length; black patch of basal tergum broader, or legs, tegulae, etc. black….11

    doelunconmaleaxillae.JPG (66253 bytes) doelunlunmaleaxillae.JPG (60677 bytes) doelunconmaletergatop.JPG (50415 bytes) doelunlunmaleterga1.JPG (57128 bytes)

  21. Labrum, base of mandibles, scape, tegulae, tubercles and all legs bright ferruginous, spurs testaceous….Triepeolus lunatus lunatus

doelunlunmaleface.JPG (56073 bytes) doelunlunmalebelow.JPG (55284 bytes)

Mandibles, labrum, scape and tubercles entirely black; spurs black.. Triepeolus lunatus concolor

doelunconmalelabrum.JPG (43518 bytes) doelunconmalescutum.JPG (66015 bytes)


By Flight Time-Spring Flyers (Jan.-May), both species endemic

T. alachuensis

T. rugosus


Summer Flyers (July-Sept.)

T. concavus

T. lunatus concolor

T. lunatus lunatus

T. quadrifasciatus atlanticus

T. remigatus

T. rufithorax


Fall Flyers (Sept.-Nov.)

T. distinctus

T. floridanus

T. pectoralis

T. monardae



Apidae: Triepeolus alachuensis Mitchell

County Records: Alachua

doeala.jpg (71971 bytes)


Dates: May

Plants: Melilotus alba

Notes: Endemic to Florida, No photos available, only known from the female. 


Apidae: Triepeolus concavus Cresson

County Records: Hernando, Santa Rosa

doecon.jpg (71468 bytes)


Dates: June-September according to Mitchell


Notes: Parasite of Svastra obliqua; one of the largest Triepeolus species.

Female: doeconfemfront.JPG (57024 bytes) doeconfemclypeus.JPG (75782 bytes) doeconfemlabrum.JPG (47352 bytes) doeconfemmandibles.JPG (63090 bytes) doeconfemvertex.JPG (79428 bytes) doeconfemtop.JPG (54336 bytes) doeconfempronotum.JPG (84464 bytes) doeconfemscutum.JPG (84572 bytes) doeconfemscutellum.JPG (89645 bytes)

doeconfemaxillae.JPG (72048 bytes) doeconfemwing.JPG (67455 bytes) doeconfemsidepleura.JPG (67970 bytes) doeconfempleura.JPG (66416 bytes) doeconfempleurabelow.JPG (60673 bytes) doeconfempleuralhairs.JPG (54565 bytes) doeconfemlegs.JPG (61456 bytes) doeconfemside.JPG (44125 bytes) doeconfemtergatop.JPG (70165 bytes) doeconfemterga1&2.JPG (79740 bytes)

doeconfempseudopygidium.JPG (50890 bytes) doeconfemsterna.JPG (45540 bytes) doeconfem5thsternumventral.JPG (43495 bytes) doeconfem5thsternumside.JPG (38127 bytes) doeconfem5thsternumside2.JPG (33689 bytes) doeconfem5thsternumsideclose.JPG (48243 bytes) doeconfem5thsternumsideclose2.JPG (40023 bytes) 

No photos available of male.


Apidae: Triepeolus distinctus Cresson

County Records: none from the FSCA


Dates: September


Notes: Known from Georgia and Florida; No photos available for either species.


Apidae: Triepeolus floridanus Mitchell

County Records: Alachua, Thomas (GA)

doeflo.jpg (71692 bytes)


Dates: October


Notes: no female known of this species; thought to be endemic to Florida, now known from southern counties of Georgia.


Apidae: Triepeolus lunatus concolor Robertson

County Records: Alachua, Escambia, Lafayette, Leon

doeluncon.jpg (72785 bytes)


Dates: May-September across entire range; collections from Leon County, Florida were all from July (Pascarella, unpub. data)


Notes: Parasite of Melissodes bimaculata

Female: doelunconfemfront.JPG (49501 bytes) doelunconfemface.JPG (64933 bytes) doelunconfemfaceside.JPG (43859 bytes) doelunconfemlabrum.JPG (65909 bytes) doelunconfemvertex.JPG (70842 bytes) doelunconfembelow.JPG (62970 bytes) doelunconfemfrontlegsside.JPG (44290 bytes) doelunconfemlegsside.JPG (49508 bytes) doelunconfemrearlegsrear.JPG (40048 bytes)

doelunconfemscutum.JPG (65470 bytes) doelunconfemscutellum.JPG (68392 bytes) doelunconfemscutellum2.JPG (71315 bytes) doelunconfempleuraside.JPG (64493 bytes) doelunconfempleurasideclose.JPG (46968 bytes) doelunconfempleurabelow.JPG (74645 bytes) doelunconfemabdside.JPG (42852 bytes) doelunconfemside.JPG (40807 bytes) doelunconfemterga1_2top.JPG (64092 bytes) doelunconfemterga1_3top.JPG (62416 bytes)

doelunconfemterga2topclose.JPG (70166 bytes) doelunconfemterga2_5top.JPG (52175 bytes) doelunconfemterga5top.JPG (47286 bytes) doelunconfemterga5topclose.JPG (60271 bytes) doelunconfemterga5topclose2.JPG (47953 bytes)

doelunconfemsterna5side.JPG (42807 bytes) 

Male: doelunconmalefront.JPG (40166 bytes) doelunconmaleface.JPG (63479 bytes) doelunconmalelabrum.JPG (43518 bytes) doelunconmalevertex.JPG (69522 bytes) doelunconmaletop.JPG (43784 bytes) doelunconmalewing.JPG (44041 bytes) doelunconmalebelow2.JPG (59676 bytes) doelunconmalebelow.JPG (71004 bytes) doelunconmalemesepisternum.JPG (71465 bytes)

doelunconmalescutum.JPG (66015 bytes) doelunconmalescutellum.JPG (68769 bytes) doelunconmaleaxillae.JPG (66253 bytes) doelunconmaleabdside.JPG (40862 bytes) doelunconmaletergatop.JPG (50415 bytes)

doelunconmalelegsrear.JPG (46646 bytes) doelunconmaleterga6top.JPG (45119 bytes) doelunconmalegenitalsdorsal.JPG (39222 bytes) doelunconmalegenitalside.JPG (41466 bytes) doelunconmalegenitalsventral.JPG (45006 bytes)


Apidae: Triepeolus lunatus lunatus Say

County Records: Alachua, Brevard, Escambia, Leon, Madison.

doelunlun.jpg (75534 bytes)


Dates: May-September across entire range; collections from Leon County, Florida were all from July (Pascarella, unpub. data)


Notes: Parasite of Melissodes bimaculata. This species and the other subspecies likely interbreed. Intermediates can be found that have varying degrees of reddish coloration. See the scape photo of the male of T. lunatus lunatus for variable expression of red coloration.

Female: doelunlunfemface.JPG (53833 bytes) doelunlunfemfaceside.JPG (51800 bytes) doelunlunfemclypeus.JPG (84889 bytes) doelunlunfemlabrum.JPG (70638 bytes) doelunlunfemscape.JPG (61918 bytes) doelunlunfemvertex.JPG (62614 bytes) doelunlunfemtop.JPG (54464 bytes) doelunlunfemwing.JPG (47498 bytes) doelunlunfemlegsbelow.JPG (55136 bytes)

doelunlunfemlegsrear.JPG (48630 bytes) doelunlunfemscutum.JPG (67200 bytes) doelunlunfemtubercle.JPG (72617 bytes) doelunlunfemscutellum.JPG (75179 bytes) doelunlunfemaxillae.JPG (68620 bytes)

doelunlunfemmesipesternum.JPG (60438 bytes) doelunlunfemmesipesternumclose.JPG (66616 bytes) doelunlunfemmesipesternumbelow.JPG (57555 bytes)  doelunlunfemmetepisternumbelow.JPG (70240 bytes) doelunlunfemtergum1.JPG (70188 bytes)

doelunlunfemtergum2close.JPG (73849 bytes) doelunlunfemtergum5.JPG (66120 bytes) doelunlunfemtergum6.JPG (53678 bytes) doelunlunfemsterna5below.JPG (60497 bytes) doelunlunfemsterna5side.JPG (35697 bytes)

Male: doelunlunmalefront.JPG (48584 bytes) doelunlunmaleface.JPG (56073 bytes) doelunlunmalelabrum.JPG (66961 bytes) doelunlunmalescape.JPG (59409 bytes) doelunlunmalevertex.JPG (69779 bytes) doelunlunmalelegsside.JPG (38171 bytes) doelunlunmalebelow.JPG (55284 bytes) doelunlunmaleside.JPG (38087 bytes) doelunlunmalewing.JPG (42609 bytes)

doelunlunmalescutum.JPG (74523 bytes) doelunlunmaletegulae.JPG (56155 bytes) doelunlunmalescutellum.JPG (79454 bytes) doelunlunmaleaxillae.JPG (60677 bytes) doelunlunmalemesepisternum.JPG (68043 bytes)

doelunlunmalemesepisternumclose.JPG (68856 bytes) doelunlunmaletergatop.JPG (51838 bytes) doelunlunmaleterga1.JPG (57128 bytes) doelunlunmalegenitaldorsal.JPG (43664 bytes) doelunlunmalegenitalside.JPG (42417 bytes)

doelunlunmalegenitalventral.JPG (48449 bytes)


Apidae: Triepeolus monardae Mitchell

County Records: Leon

doemon.jpg (73352 bytes)

Locations: Tall Timbers Research Station

Dates: September


Notes: very large bee, originally described from the male from North Carolina from August and September; New state record for Florida

Female: doemonfemface.JPG (53001 bytes) doemonfemclypeus.JPG (67009 bytes) doemonfemfaceside.JPG (41593 bytes) doemonfemlabrum.JPG (58537 bytes) doemonfemmandible.JPG (49904 bytes) doemonfemvertex.JPG (76492 bytes) doemonfembelow.JPG (48690 bytes) doemonfemtop.JPG (45767 bytes) doemonfemside.JPG (43697 bytes)

doemonfemfrontwing.JPG (52943 bytes) doemonfemrearwing.JPG (39363 bytes) doemonfemmid&rearlegs.JPG (46987 bytes) doemonfemscutum.JPG (75058 bytes) doemonfemtegulae.JPG (70595 bytes) doemonfemscutellum.JPG (65548 bytes) doemonfemaxillae.JPG (65799 bytes) doemonfempropodeum.JPG (68600 bytes) doemonfemmesepisternumabove.JPG (53852 bytes) doemonfemmesepisternumbelow.JPG (66356 bytes) doemonfemmesepisternumbelowclose.JPG (66171 bytes) doemonfemmetepisternumbelowclose.JPG (95121 bytes) doemonfemterga1.JPG (66914 bytes) doemonfemterga1&2.JPG (61801 bytes) doemonfemterga2close.JPG (75889 bytes)

Male: doemonmalefront.JPG (45583 bytes) doemonmaleclypeus.JPG (63714 bytes) doemonmalelabrum.JPG (44140 bytes) doemonmalevertex.JPG (74068 bytes) doemonmalebelow.JPG (47086 bytes) doemonmaletop.JPG (48529 bytes) doemonmalewing.JPG (47523 bytes) doemonmalemesepisternumside.JPG (62457 bytes) doemonmalemesepisternumbelow.JPG (60616 bytes)

doemonmalemesepisternumbelowclose.JPG (68878 bytes) doemonmalemetepisternumbelow.JPG (77229 bytes) doemonmalemid&rearlegs.JPG (39942 bytes) doemonmalescutum.JPG (79799 bytes) doemonmalescutellum.JPG (70779 bytes)

doemonmaleaxillae.JPG (52466 bytes) doemonmalesideoblique.JPG (49196 bytes) doemonmaleterga1&2.JPG (65590 bytes) doemonmaleterga1&2top.JPG (50844 bytes) doemonmaleterga2_6.JPG (56939 bytes)

doemonmaleterga6.JPG (46386 bytes) doemonmalegenitaldorsal.JPG (40408 bytes) doemonmalegenitaldorsalclose.JPG (46054 bytes) 



Apidae: Triepeolus pectoralis Robertson

County Records: Leon, Thomas (GA)

doepec.jpg (73545 bytes)

Locations: Tall Timbers Research Station

Dates: October-November

Host: Melissodes rustica

Notes: new state record for Florida; known previously from Georgia

Female: doepecfemfront.JPG (37525 bytes) doepecfemface.JPG (49227 bytes) doepecfemfaceside.JPG (53368 bytes) doepecfemclypeus.JPG (77788 bytes)

doepecfemlabrum.JPG (52800 bytes) doepecfemvertex.JPG (73952 bytes) doepecfemwing.JPG (54657 bytes) doepecfemwing2.JPG (58110 bytes) doepecfemtop.JPG (56443 bytes) doepecfemscutum.JPG (74372 bytes) doepecfemaxillae.JPG (66285 bytes) doepecfemmesepisernumside.JPG (65268 bytes) doepecfemmesepisernumside2.JPG (61464 bytes) doepecfemmesepisernumbelow.JPG (53417 bytes) doepecfemmesepisernumbelowclose.JPG (55252 bytes) doepecfemmetepisernumbelowclose.JPG (66133 bytes) doepecfemside.JPG (37858 bytes) doepecfembelow.JPG (51978 bytes) doepecfemtergaside.JPG (41648 bytes) doepecfemtergatop.JPG (53365 bytes) doepecfemtergum1.JPG (68456 bytes) doepecfemtergum1close.JPG (62986 bytes) doepecfemtergum2close.JPG (62943 bytes) doepecfemtergum5.JPG (46917 bytes) doepecfemtergum5close.JPG (65940 bytes) doepecfemsternum5below.JPG (44535 bytes) doepecfemsternum5side.JPG (35697 bytes)

Male:doepecmaleface.JPG (52596 bytes) doepecmaleface2.JPG (50622 bytes) doepecmalefacehairy.JPG (49327 bytes) doepecmalefaceside.JPG (43510 bytes) doepecmalevertex.JPG (65062 bytes) doepecmaleside.JPG (46789 bytes) doepecmalescutum.JPG (67174 bytes) doepecmalescutellum.JPG (54551 bytes) doepecmaleaxillae.JPG (63080 bytes) doepecmalemesepisternumhairy.JPG (53415 bytes) doepecmalemetepisternum.JPG (72857 bytes) doepecmalemetepisternumhairy.JPG (55483 bytes) doepecmalemetepisternumhairyclose.JPG (67628 bytes) doepecmaletop.JPG (55383 bytes) doepecmalewing.JPG (45661 bytes) doepecmaletergatop.JPG (50700 bytes) doepecmaletergum1.JPG (67598 bytes) doepecmaletergum7.JPG (43298 bytes) 


Apidae: Triepeolus quadrifasciatus atlanticus Mitchell

County Records: Alachua, Jefferson, Indian River, Leon

doequa.jpg (76851 bytes)

Locations: Cocoa

Dates: July-October



Female:doe4fafemfront.JPG (42835 bytes) doe4fafemface.JPG (70908 bytes) doe4fafemclypeus.JPG (67164 bytes) doe4fafemfaceside.JPG (52596 bytes)

doe4fafemscape.JPG (54957 bytes) doe4fafemvertex.JPG (69645 bytes) doe4fafemwing.JPG (48463 bytes) doe4fafemside.JPG (48559 bytes) doe4fafemmesepisternumside.JPG (73317 bytes) doe4fafemmesepisternumside2.JPG (65216 bytes) doe4fafemmesepisternumbelow.JPG (74834 bytes) doe4fafemmesepisternumbelow2.JPG (82843 bytes) doe4fafemmetepisternum.JPG (67277 bytes) doe4fafemscutumclean.JPG (71165 bytes) doe4fafemtegulae.JPG (63891 bytes) doe4fafemscutellumclean.JPG (67589 bytes) doe4fafemaxillaesideclean.JPG (54279 bytes) doe4fafemtergatop.JPG (54203 bytes) doe4fafemterga1&2.JPG (69237 bytes) doe4fafemterga1_3.JPG (67443 bytes)doe4fafemterga2close.JPG (71630 bytes) doe4fafemterga2_5.JPG (70510 bytes) doe4fafemterga5.JPG (66560 bytes) doe4fafemtergum6close.JPG (62961 bytes)

doe4fafemsternum5below.JPG (41190 bytes) doe4fafemsternum5side.JPG (35418 bytes) doe4fafemsternum5sideclose.JPG (39192 bytes)

Male:doe4famaleface.JPG (64233 bytes) doe4famalefaceside.JPG (52178 bytes) doe4famaleclypeusside.JPG (42202 bytes) doe4famalelabrum.JPG (56038 bytes) doe4famalevertex.JPG (61312 bytes) doe4famalewing.JPG (39986 bytes) doe4famalescutum.JPG (67241 bytes) doe4famaletubercle.JPG (60294 bytes) doe4famaletubercleclose.JPG (56792 bytes) doe4famaletegulae.JPG (70685 bytes) doe4famalemesepisternumside.JPG (68265 bytes) doe4famalemesepisternumbelowclose.JPG (88321 bytes) doe4famalemetepisternum.JPG (75294 bytes) doe4famalescutellum.JPG (63994 bytes) doe4famalescutellum2.JPG (61845 bytes) doe4famaleaxillae.JPG (62658 bytes) doe4famalebelow.JPG (58009 bytes) doe4famalelegsrear.JPG (51486 bytes) doe4famaleside.JPG (46135 bytes) doe4famaleterga.JPG (56646 bytes) doe4famaleterga1.JPG (48320 bytes) doe4famaleterga1_3.JPG (63627 bytes) doe4famaleterga2close.JPG (63560 bytes) doe4famaleterga7.JPG (56496 bytes) doe4famaletergasideoblique.JPG (54313 bytes)


Apidae: Triepeolus remigatus Fabricius

County Records: Alachua

doerem.jpg (73482 bytes)


Dates: Mitchell reports May-Sept.


Notes: Parasite of Xenoglossa strenua

Female: doeremfemfront.JPG (49965 bytes) doeremfemfaceside.JPG (57081 bytes) doeremfemclypeus.JPG (64436 bytes) doeremfemlabrum.JPG (48497 bytes) doeremfemlabrumclose.JPG (61388 bytes) doeremfemvertex.JPG (60425 bytes) doeremfemtopsideoblique.JPG (50425 bytes) doeremfemscutum.JPG (65429 bytes) doeremfemscutellum.JPG (73363 bytes)

doeremfemmesepisternumsidetop.JPG (57415 bytes) doeremfemmesepisternumsidebelow.JPG (64933 bytes) doeremfemmesepisternumbelow.JPG (74938 bytes) doeremfemmesepisternumsidebelowclose.JPG (66575 bytes) doeremfemmetepisternumbelow.JPG (58785 bytes)

doeremfemmetepisternumbelowclose.JPG (71592 bytes) doeremfemtergatop.JPG (50341 bytes) doeremfemterga1&2.JPG (58688 bytes) doeremfemterga1_4.JPG (60961 bytes) doeremfemterga5.JPG (42027 bytes)

doeremfemterga5close.JPG (38894 bytes) doeremfemterga5closest.JPG (64012 bytes) doeremfemsternum5below.JPG (45158 bytes) doeremfemsternum5side.JPG (34381 bytes)


Apidae: Triepeolus rufithorax Graenicher

County Records: Alachua, Citrus, Collier, Hendry, Madison, Miami-Dade, Okeechobee.

doeruf.jpg (73787 bytes)

Locations: ENP

Dates: April-October; I collected this species in June in ENP


Notes: Parasite of Melissodes communis; endemic to Florida

Female:Doeruffemface.JPG (71690 bytes) Doeruffemclypeus.JPG (61815 bytes) Doeruffemmandible.JPG (72846 bytes) Doeruffemside.JPG (67374 bytes) Doeruffemtongue.JPG (38542 bytes) Doeruffemtop.JPG (68777 bytes) Doeruffemwing.JPG (34267 bytes) Doeruffemscutumtop.JPG (106943 bytes) Doeruffemscutellumtop.JPG (99421 bytes) Doeruffemscutellumtop2.JPG (96549 bytes) Doeruffemtergum.JPG (78377 bytes) Doeruffemtergum2.JPG (80377 bytes) Doeruffempleura1.JPG (86829 bytes) Doeruffempleura2.JPG (97241 bytes) Doeruffempleura3.JPG (127233 bytes)  Doeruffemsternum5side.JPG (42443 bytes)  


Apidae: Triepeolus rugosus Mitchell

County Records: Highlands, Lake

doerug.jpg (73340 bytes)

Locations: Highland Hammock State Park

Dates: March-May


Notes: endemic to Florida, known only from the female. No photos available.