Genus Svastra Holmberg, five taxa

    This genus has four species present in Florida. One species has a complex of two subspecies that likely hybridize in the northeast of Florida. These are large bees that resemble Melissodes in aspect. They can be distinguished easily from that genus on the hairs and tergal features listed in the key to genera.

Key to females (From Mitchell 1962)

  1. Scopal hairs all or almost all black or dark brown, with few branches and with rachises of hairs extending considerably beyond plumose part so as to form what appears to be a layer of simple guard hairs…S. atripes
  2. svaatratrfemscopa2.JPG (67922 bytes) svaatrgeofemscopacloser.JPG (85468 bytes)

    Scopal hairs all or almost all pale, plumose…2

    svaaegfemscopasuperclose.JPG (83793 bytes) svaobloblfemscopa.JPG (53867 bytes)

  3. Mesepisterna with dark brown to black pubescence on anterior faces, surfaces not greatly obscured; thorax with dark brown to black hairs on sides at least on lower fifth…S. obliqua
  4. svaobloblfemmesepisternumside.JPG (59892 bytes) svaobloblfemmesepisternumside2.JPG (67056 bytes) svaobloblfemmesepisternumtop.JPG (68804 bytes) svaobloblfemside.JPG (51557 bytes)

    Mesepisterna with pale pubescence on anterior faces, surfaces often completely obscured on at least lower halves; thorax without dark hairs laterally…3

    svaaegfemmesepisternum.JPG (46484 bytes)

  5. Tergum 2, and usually terga 3 and 4, with pale pubescence in arched bands or lateral fasciae and well separated from apical margin by an area of sparse appressed dark hair or by an apubescent area..S. aegis

svaaegfemterga3_4.JPG (85100 bytes)

Tergum 2, and usually terga 3 and 4 as well, with pale pubescence short, evenly diffused and reaching apical margin…S. petulca

svastra2.jpg (174076 bytes)

Key to males (From Mitchell 1962)

  1. Apical areas of terga with distinct piliferous punctures equal in diameter to several times the width of the simple hairs arising from them (except extremely narrow impunctate margin), ground shiny with little or only delicate shagreening…S. atripes
  2. svaatratrmaleterga2_4.JPG (91294 bytes) svaatrgeomaleterga3_4.JPG (77122 bytes)

    Apical areas of terga without distinct punctures, if punctures present, these small and obscured by dense, diffuse, pale pubescence, ground usually dulled by dense shagreening…2

    svaaegmaleterga2_3.JPG (71145 bytes) svaaegmaletergaclose.JPG (88485 bytes)

  3. Terga 2 and 3 with pale pubescence diffuse, extending to apical margins (unless worn); anterior faces of mesepisterna with mats of closely appressed, dense, pale pubescence which hide surfaces completely on lower half…S. petulca petulca
  4. svastra2.jpg (174076 bytes)

    Terga 2 and 3 with pale pubescence in distinct arched bands well separated from margins, in lateral fasciae which are well separated from margins, or absent…3

    svaaegmaletergatop.JPG (57162 bytes) 

  5. Mesepisterna with mats of dense pale pubescence completely hiding anterior surfaces at least on lower half…S. aegis

svaaegmalemesepisternumfrontbelow.JPG (49820 bytes)

Mesepisterna without mats of pale pubescence anteriorly, with short sparse pubescence which does not hide surface completely…S. obliqua

svaoblcalmalemesepisternumfront.JPG (51773 bytes)

Key to subspecies of Svastra atripes

    These subspecies likely hybridize in North Florida and Southwest Georgia.

Key to females (From Mitchell 1962)

Hind tibiae with pale ochraceous hairs along outer surface medially. .S. atripes georgica

svaatrgeofemscopa3.JPG (49874 bytes)

Hind tibiae with entirely dark hairs..S. atripes atrimitra

svaatratrfemscopa2.JPG (67922 bytes)

Key to males (From Mitchell 1962)

Terga 3 and 4 with entire, white pubescent fasciae, that on tergum 2 narrow and widely interrupted medially. …….S. atripes georgica

svaatrgeomaletergatop.JPG (63927 bytes) svaatrgeomaleterga3_4.JPG (77122 bytes)

Tergum 4 entirely black, 2 and 3 reduced or absent..S. atripes atrimitra

svaatratrmaleterga2_6.JPG (75549 bytes)

Apidae: Svastra atripes atrimitra LaBerge

County Records: Alachua, Hernando, Leon, Madison

svaatratr.jpg (71940 bytes)

Locations: Brooksville, Boston, GA (Brooks Co., NW of Madison County), Bartow, Branford, Crestview, Fort Meade, LaBelle, Lacooche, Marianna, Suwanee Springs, Tallahassee, Wildwood

Dates: July 27-Oct. 2; July: 1, Aug: 1, Oct: 1


Notes: This subspecies occurs in the panhandle and down the western part of the Florida peninsula. It interbreeds with S. atripes georgica in the peninsula.

Female: svaatratrfemfront.JPG (37433 bytes) svaatratrfemface.JPG (53894 bytes) svaatratrfemclypeus.JPG (67192 bytes)svaatratrfemmandible.JPG (60427 bytes) svaatratrfemmouthparts.JPG (58396 bytes) svaatratrfemtongue.JPG (40810 bytes) svaatratrfemclypeus2.JPG (76445 bytes) svaatratrfemclypeusside.JPG (42695 bytes) svaatratrfemantennae.JPG (39554 bytes) svaatratrfemeye.JPG (45646 bytes)  svaatratrfemvertex.JPG (65296 bytes) svaatratrfemtop.JPG (48795 bytes) svaatratrfemscutum.JPG (66411 bytes) svaatratrfemtubercle.JPG (61702 bytes) svaatratrfemtegulae.JPG (61698 bytes) svaatratrfemscutellum.JPG (66414 bytes) svaatratrfemscutellum2.JPG (70590 bytes) svaatratrfemscutellum3.JPG (63018 bytes) svaatratrfemspatuloplumosehairs.JPG (70083 bytes) svaatratrfemspatuloplumosehairs2.JPG (73405 bytes) svaatratrfemspatuloplumosehairs3.JPG (71391 bytes) svaatratrfemspatuloplumosehairs4.JPG (72193 bytes) svaatratrfemside.JPG (39503 bytes) svaatratrfemmesepisternumside.JPG (58481 bytes) svaatratrfemfrontlegs.JPG (44669 bytes) svaatratrfemmidrearlegs.JPG (63176 bytes) svaatratrfemmidrearlegs2.JPG (48074 bytes) svaatratrfemscopa.JPG (86260 bytes) svaatratrfemscopa2.JPG (67922 bytes) svaatratrfemwing.JPG (49276 bytes) svaatratrfemtergatop.JPG (60117 bytes) svaatratrfemtergatopclose.JPG (63206 bytes) svaatratrfemterga1.JPG (67727 bytes) svaatratrfemtarsalclaws.JPG (30703 bytes) svaatratrfempygidialplate.JPG (48783 bytes)

Male: svaatratrmaleface.JPG (51942 bytes) svaatratrmaleclypeus.JPG (58646 bytes) svaatratrmaleclypeusside.JPG (38574 bytes) svaatratrmaleantennae.JPG (43689 bytes) svaatratrmaleeye.JPG (57373 bytes) svaatratrmalelabrum.JPG (52974 bytes) svaatratrmalemandible.JPG (58475 bytes) svaatratrmaleoculoclypeal.JPG (64188 bytes) svaatratrmaletongue.JPG (39414 bytes) svaatratrmalevertex.JPG (58384 bytes) svaatratrmalewing.JPG (42429 bytes) svaatratrmaleside.JPG (43891 bytes) svaatratrmalescutum.JPG (72026 bytes) svaatratrmaletegulae.JPG (66108 bytes) svaatratrmalescutellum.JPG (69273 bytes) svaatratrmalemesepisternumside.JPG (59157 bytes) svaatratrmaletergatop.JPG (58698 bytes) svaatratrmaleterga2_6.JPG (75549 bytes) svaatratrmaleterga2_4.JPG (91294 bytes) svaatratrmalegenitaldorsal.JPG (53347 bytes) svaatratrmalegenitaldorsal2.JPG (45593 bytes) svaatratrmalegenitaldorsal3.JPG (41605 bytes) svaatratrmalegenitalside.JPG (49813 bytes) 


Apidae: Svastra atripes georgica Cresson

County Records: Alachua, Columbia, Duval, Highlands, Leon, Madison, Marion, Orange, Putnam

svaatrgeo.jpg (72577 bytes)

Locations:Belleville, Cocoa, Gainesville, Jacksonville Beach, Lake City, Ocala N.F., Orlando, Ortega

Dates: July 4-Aug. 29; July: 2,. Aug.: 3


Notes: This subspecies primarily occurs in the eastern half of the Florida peninsula. It interbreeds with the S. atripes atrimitra in the central and western peninsula.

Female: svaatrgeofemscopa.JPG (60504 bytes) svaatrgeofemscopa2.JPG (71011 bytes) svaatrgeofemscopa3.JPG (49874 bytes) svaatrgeofemscopaclose.JPG (85598 bytes) svaatrgeofemscopacloser.JPG (85468 bytes) svaatrgeofemmesepisternumfront.JPG (57562 bytes) svaatrgeofemmesepisternumfront2.JPG (55451 bytes)

Male: svaatrgeomalefront.JPG (46643 bytes) svaatrgeomaleclypeus.JPG (65722 bytes) svaatrgeomaleantennae.JPG (37764 bytes) svaatrgeomalefaceside.JPG (55698 bytes) svaatrgeomalelabrum.JPG (50663 bytes) svaatrgeomalelabrum2.JPG (60005 bytes) svaatrgeomalemalarsp.JPG (70109 bytes) svaatrgeomalevertexclose.JPG (66157 bytes) svaatrgeomalewing.JPG (41395 bytes) svaatrgeomaletopthorax.JPG (63808 bytes) svaatrgeomalescutellumhairs.JPG (50406 bytes) svaatrgeomaleside.JPG (42731 bytes) svaatrgeomaletergatop.JPG (63927 bytes) svaatrgeomaletergatop2.JPG (61511 bytes) svaatrgeomaleterga3_4.JPG (77122 bytes) svaatrgeomalegenitaldorsal.JPG (47866 bytes) svaatrgeomalegenitaldorsalclose.JPG (58051 bytes) svaatrgeomalegenitalside.JPG (42961 bytes) svaatrgeomalegenitalside2.JPG (46282 bytes) svaatrgeomalegenitalventral.JPG (42574 bytes) svaatrgeomalegenitalventral2.JPG (46356 bytes) svaatrgeomalegenitalventral3.JPG (44516 bytes) 


Apidae: Svastra aegis LaBerge

County Records: Escambia, Leon, Monroe(?)

svaaeg.jpg (70199 bytes)

Locations: Blountstown, Key Largo?, Pensacola, Yankeetown

Dates: June 7, Aug. 18 (July-Oct from LaBerge)


Notes: The Monroe record may be a misidentification of Svastra petulca petulca or S. obliqua obliqua. The map in LaBerge shows this species as only occurring in North Florida.

Female: svaaegfemface.JPG (60982 bytes) svaaegfemclypeus.JPG (62666 bytes) svaaegfemclypeusside.JPG (37987 bytes) svaaegfemantennae.JPG (41194 bytes) svaaegfemeye.JPG (53684 bytes) svaaegfemlabrum.JPG (63875 bytes) svaaegfemmouthparts.JPG (54427 bytes) svaaegfemmouthparts2.JPG (45750 bytes) svaaegfemvertex.JPG (52911 bytes) svaaegfemwing.JPG (56438 bytes) svaaegfemsidetopoblique.JPG (49610 bytes) svaaegfemscutum.JPG (62055 bytes) svaaegfemtegulae.JPG (66806 bytes) svaaegfemscutellum.JPG (71185 bytes) svaaegfempropodeum.JPG (54739 bytes) svaaegfemmesepisternum.JPG (46484 bytes) svaaegfemmetepisternum.JPG (67835 bytes) svaaegfemmetepisternum2.JPG (71643 bytes) svaaegfembelow.JPG (59097 bytes) svaaegfemscopa.JPG (64638 bytes) svaaegfemscopaclose.JPG (59855 bytes) svaaegfemscopaclosest.JPG (72948 bytes) svaaegfemscopasuperclose.JPG (83793 bytes) svaaegfemtergatop.JPG (60196 bytes) svaaegfemterga1.JPG (69118 bytes) svaaegfemterga2.JPG (65665 bytes) svaaegfemterga3_4.JPG (85100 bytes)

Male: svaaegmalefront.JPG (42074 bytes) svaaegmaleclypeus.JPG (54656 bytes) svaaegmaleclypeusside.JPG (40416 bytes) svaaegmaleantennae.JPG (39837 bytes)

svaaegmalelabrum.JPG (47946 bytes) svaaegmalesideeye.JPG (45986 bytes) svaaegmalesidemandible.JPG (57265 bytes) svaaegmalevertexclose.JPG (58111 bytes)  svaaegmalesidefront.JPG (59212 bytes) svaaegmalewing.JPG (36891 bytes) svaaegmalescutum.JPG (58666 bytes) svaaegmaletegulae.JPG (41895 bytes) svaaegmalescutellum.JPG (59541 bytes) svaaegmalemesepisternum.JPG (60916 bytes) svaaegmalemesepisternumfrontbelow.JPG (49820 bytes) svaaegmalemidrearlegs.JPG (41598 bytes) svaaegmaleside.JPG (48546 bytes) svaaegmaletergatop.JPG (57162 bytes) svaaegmaletergaside.JPG (43539 bytes) svaaegmaleterga1.JPG (61050 bytes) svaaegmaleterga2_3.JPG (71145 bytes) svaaegmaletergaclose.JPG (88485 bytes) svaaegmalegenitaldorsal.JPG (50642 bytes) svaaegmalegenitaldorsaltips.JPG (44484 bytes) svaaegmalegenitalventral.JPG (62241 bytes) svaaegmalegenitalventral2.JPG (52624 bytes) svaaegmalegenitalventral3.JPG (56019 bytes)


Apidae: Svastra obliqua obliqua Say

County Records: Alachua, Escambia, Leon, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Santa Rosa

svaobl.jpg (70752 bytes)

Locations: Everglades, Flamingo, Yankeetown

Dates: July 25-Aug. 4; July: 2, Aug.: 1


Notes: Photos of male below are of Svastra obliqua caliginosa from Georgia. This darker colored subspecies is NOT believed to occur in Florida. 

Female: svaobloblfemface.JPG (61917 bytes) svaobloblfemeye.JPG (53226 bytes) svaobloblfemclypeusside.JPG (44217 bytes) svaobloblfemantennae.JPG (38696 bytes) svaobloblfemmandibel.JPG (63460 bytes) svaobloblfemtongue.JPG (43443 bytes) svaobloblfemvertex.JPG (64429 bytes) svaobloblfemtopoblique.JPG (63522 bytes) svaobloblfemtegulae.JPG (77375 bytes) svaobloblfemscutellum.JPG (64312 bytes) svaobloblfemspatuloplumosehairs.JPG (67612 bytes)svaobloblfemspatuloplumosehairs2.JPG (67696 bytes) svaobloblfempropodeum.JPG (81326 bytes) svaobloblfemmesepisternumside.JPG (59892 bytes) svaobloblfemmesepisternumside2.JPG (67056 bytes) svaobloblfemmesepisternumtop.JPG (68804 bytes) svaobloblfemmetepisternum.JPG (76563 bytes) svaobloblfemside.JPG (51557 bytes)  svaobloblfemside2.JPG (46662 bytes) svaobloblfemscopa.JPG (53867 bytes)  svaobloblfemtarsalclaws.JPG (38792 bytes) svaobloblfemtergatop.JPG (62523 bytes) svaobloblfemterga1.JPG (78368 bytes) svaobloblfemterga1_2.JPG (76493 bytes) svaobloblfemterga1_3.JPG (74051 bytes) svaobloblfemtergum7.JPG (60615 bytes) svaobloblfempygidialplate.JPG (57723 bytes) 

Male: svaoblcalmaleface.JPG (47696 bytes) svaoblcalmalefaceside.JPG (50897 bytes) svaoblcalmaleclypeus.JPG (48271 bytes) svaoblcalmalelabrum.JPG (53794 bytes) svaoblcalmaleside.JPG (43327 bytes) svaoblcalmalewing.JPG (53600 bytes) svaoblcalmalelegs.JPG (48808 bytes) svaoblcalmalemesepisternumfront.JPG (51773 bytes) svaoblcalmalemetepisternum.JPG (80314 bytes) svaoblcalmalemetepisternum2.JPG (78585 bytes)



Apidae: Svastra petulca petulca Cresson

County Records: Miami-Dade, Monroe

svapet.jpg (70523 bytes)

Locations: Tahiti Beach, Miami, Coral Gables, Key Largo

Dates: April-June


Notes: Although it occurs in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi to the North, in Florida, this species is only known from SE Florida.

 svastra2.jpg (174076 bytes)