Tribe Epeolini (25 taxa)

Two genera, Triepeolus and Epeolus, are found in Florida.

Key to Genera (From Michener 2000)


S6 with lateroapical process broad, not over five times as long as broad, often somewhat spatulate, margins apically denticulate because of minute, conical setae or with spinelike, tapering setae among the hairs; disc of S6 a broad plate about as long (anteroposteriorly) as lateroapical process or longer...Epeolus

epeflofempygidium.JPG (44213 bytes) epeilifempygidium.JPG (61099 bytes) epepusfempseudopygidium2.JPG (47407 bytes) epezonfempygidium.JPG (56631 bytes)

S6 with lateroapical process slender, many times as long as broad, not spatulate, apically with elongate, robust, curved, blunt setae and other hairs; disc of sternum 6 reduced to transverse connective far shorter (anterioposteriorly) than lateroapical process...Triepeolus

doeconfem5thsternumventral.JPG (43495 bytes) doeconfem5thsternumside2.JPG (33689 bytes) Doeruffemsternum5side.JPG (42443 bytes) doeconfem5thsternumsideclose.JPG (48243 bytes) doelunlunfemtergum5.JPG (66120 bytes) doepecfemsternum5below.JPG (44535 bytes)


Maxillary palpus usually two-segmented, rarely three segmented; body length 4.5 to 10.0 mm; base of gonostylus with dorsal protuberance..Epeolus

epebifmaleface.JPG (60752 bytes) epecarmalegenitalside.JPG (30726 bytes) epecarmalegenitalventral.JPG (31159 bytes)

Maxillary palpus usually three-segmented, rarely two-segmented; length 8 to 17 mm; gonostylus slender, without basal protuberance...Triepeolus

doepecmaleface.JPG (52596 bytes) doemonmalegenitaldorsal.JPG (40408 bytes) doemonmalegenitaldorsalclose.JPG (46054 bytes) doelunlunmalegenitaldorsal.JPG (43664 bytes) doelunlunmalegenitalside.JPG (42417 bytes) doelunconmalegenitalside.JPG (41466 bytes)