Genus Xenoglossa Smith, one taxon

Subgenus Eoxenoglossa Hurd, one taxon

    These bees are dependent upon wild and cultivated Cucurbita for pollen and nectar. Similar to Peponapis (which is not known from Florida but could occur in the panhandle or northern peninsula), males spend much of the night and day inside flowers. Extremely important pollinators of pumpkins, squashes, and gourds.

Apidae: Xenoglossa strenua Cresson

County Records: Gadsden; probably in Alachua as its parasite, Doeringiella remigatus, has been collected there.

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Locations: Quincy, Fl

Dates: August 1

Plants: oligolectic on Cucurbita.

Notes: Parasitized by Doeringiella remigatus.

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xenglomalemesopleuraside.JPG (52734 bytes) xenglomalelegs.JPG (36860 bytes) xenglomaleside.JPG (41665 bytes) xenglomaletop.JPG (36639 bytes) xenglomalevertex.JPG (45888 bytes)

xenglomalewing.JPG (44140 bytes) xenglomalescutumfar.JPG (46858 bytes) xenglomalescutum.JPG (67739 bytes) xenglomaletegula.JPG (48949 bytes) xenglomalescutellum.JPG (60505 bytes)

xenglomaletarsalclaws.JPG (19779 bytes) xenglomalesterna.JPG (30156 bytes) xenglomalesterna2.JPG (30944 bytes) xenglomaletergatop.JPG (58280 bytes) xenglomaletergum7.JPG (44295 bytes)

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