Genus Eucera Scopoli (subgenus Synhalonia Patton), two taxa

    Mitchell placed this species in the genus Tetralonia. In Florida, these species are restricted to the northern peninsula and panhandle. They are spring-flying and visit from many plant families but not composites. Timberlake revised the genus. He states that E. atriventris, E. dubitata, E. hamata, and E. rosae are the main eastern species. Records of E. speciosa and E. dilecta are in error. Of these four species, he only mentions E. rosae as occurring in Florida, with E. atriventris known from Georgia, E. hamata known from North Carolina and Georgia, and E. dubitata in South Carolina and Georgia. Mitchell lists a species, E. fulvohirta (as Tetralonia fulvohirta, originally described as Melissodes fulvohirta by Cresson), that is not discussed by Timberlake nor can I find any synonymy for it. It was known from North Carolina to Georgia. I have listed the key for the four known Eastern species although only two species (E. dubitata and E. rosae) have been collected from Florida.

Key to females of Eucera in Florida (from Timberlake)

  1. Scopal hair of hind legs, or at least hair on inner side of basitarsi fuscous or black; hair of head, sides, and underparts of thorax also sometimes black…2.
  2.  eucatrfemscopa2.JPG (35343 bytes) 

    Scopal hair of hind legs pale (bright fulvous) and hair on inner side of hind basitarsi ferruginous….3

    eucdubfemscopa2.JPG (34970 bytes)

  3. About 11-12mm long; apical depression of tergites 2 and 3 bare or nearly bare except towards sides; disk of mesoscutum shining, at least in middle, and with close shallow punctures….E. rosae
  4. Larger, about 15-16 mm long; apical depression of tergite 2 finely punctured and with short appressed hair almost to apical margin; mesonotum dull, with shallow punctures.. E. atriventris

    eucatrfemside2.JPG (43096 bytes) eucatrfemterga.JPG (64039 bytes) eucatrfemtergahairscloseside.JPG (47058 bytes)

  5. Tergites 2 to 3, or 4, of abdomen with more or less distinct light bands. .E hamata

Hair of abdomen black beyond tergite 1; hair of head and thorax pale fulvous or ochreous, varying to whitish, apical depression of tergite 2 more or less thinly punctate and hairy…E. dubitata

eucdubfemtergaclose.JPG (53035 bytes) eucdubfemside2.JPG (42174 bytes) 

Key to males of Eucera in Florida (from Timberlake)

  1. Sternite 6 with lateral carinae comparatively strong and distinct…E. dubitata
  2. eucdubmalesterna.JPG (35227 bytes)

    Lateral carina short, weak, or absent..2

  3. Spurs of middle or hind tibiae more or less hooked or bent over at apex; sternite 6 with projecting lobe on each side towards base…E. hamata
  4. euchammaletibialspurhooksclose.JPG (63003 bytes) euchammalesterna6lobeside3.JPG (35157 bytes)

    Spurs of middle and hind tibiae normal; lateral lobes of sternite 6 comparatively weak or absent…3

    eucatrmaletibialspur.JPG (33069 bytes) 

  5. Clypeal mark almost touching margin of eyes; oculoclypeal interval narrowly linear..E. rosae

eucrosmaleclypealocular2.JPG (39210 bytes)

Clypeal mark ending some distance from margin of eyes, even when oculoclypeal interval is very narrow. .E. atriventris

eucatrmaleclypealocular.JPG (50121 bytes)


Apidae: Eucera dubitata Cresson

County Records: Leon

eucdub.jpg (70364 bytes)

Locations: Tall Timbers Research Station

Dates: April to June over entire range; specimens from Leon County were collected in April

Plants: polylectic


Female: eucdubfemface.JPG (40281 bytes) eucdubfemface2.JPG (47433 bytes) eucdubfemlabrum.JPG (44783 bytes) eucdubfemlabrum2.JPG (33464 bytes) eucdubfemlabrumside.JPG (35441 bytes) eucdubfemcheek.JPG (44111 bytes) eucdubfemclypeuside.JPG (43250 bytes) eucdubfemclypeuside2.JPG (43965 bytes) eucdubfemclypeuside3.JPG (44066 bytes)

eucdubfemmandible.JPG (39302 bytes) eucdubfemvertex.JPG (54048 bytes) eucdubfemvertexclose.JPG (50874 bytes) eucdubfemmesopluera.JPG (43035 bytes) eucdubfemwing.JPG (40817 bytes)

eucdubfemscutum.JPG (30278 bytes) eucdubfemscutumclose.JPG (54482 bytes) eucdubfemtegula.JPG (48961 bytes) eucdubfemscutellum.JPG (49435 bytes) eucdubfemside.JPG (38778 bytes)

eucdubfemside2.JPG (42174 bytes) eucdubfemscopa.JPG (37849 bytes) eucdubfemscopa2.JPG (34970 bytes) eucdubfemterga.JPG (38668 bytes) eucdubfemtergaclose.JPG (53035 bytes)

eucdubfemtergalast.JPG (38181 bytes) eucdubfempygidialplate.JPG (40749 bytes)

Male: eucdubmalefront.JPG (35895 bytes) eucdubmaleface.JPG (43931 bytes) eucdubmaleclypeusside.JPG (35621 bytes) eucdubmaleantenna.JPG (33888 bytes) eucdubmaleeye.JPG (38085 bytes) eucdubmalepalps.JPG (37441 bytes) eucdubmaletongue.JPG (35484 bytes) eucdubmaletongueclose.JPG (24844 bytes) eucdubmaletongueside.JPG (22947 bytes)

eucdubmaletonguesideclose.JPG (23767 bytes) eucdubmalevertex.JPG (53394 bytes) eucdubmalewing.JPG (38299 bytes) eucdubmalescutum.JPG (52636 bytes) eucdubmalescutellum.JPG (49132 bytes)

eucdubmalepropodeum.JPG (40052 bytes) eucdubmalelegs.JPG (32755 bytes) eucdubmalemidrearlegs.JPG (34751 bytes) eucdubmaleside.JPG (32828 bytes) eucdubmaletergatop.JPG (46313 bytes)

eucdubmaletergaside.JPG (36041 bytes) eucdubmaletergaclose.JPG (50274 bytes) eucdubmalesterna.JPG (35227 bytes) eucdubmalegenitaldorsal.JPG (33460 bytes) eucdubmalegenitaldorsalclose.JPG (37340 bytes) eucdubmalegenitaldorsalclose2.JPG (31801 bytes) eucdubmalegenitalside2.JPG (30325 bytes) eucdubmalegenitalside.JPG (32580 bytes) eucdubmalegenitalventral.JPG (34422 bytes) eucdubmalegenitalventralclose.JPG (38925 bytes) 


Apidae: Eucera rosae Robertson

County Records: Alachua

eucros.jpg (69838 bytes)


Dates: April to June; likely earlier rather than later.

Plants: polylectic


Male: eucrosmalefront.JPG (28706 bytes) eucrosmaleface.JPG (37428 bytes) eucrosmaleclypealocular.JPG (48805 bytes) eucrosmaleclypealocular2.JPG (39210 bytes) eucrosmaleclypeus.JPG (31148 bytes) eucrosmaleclypeusside.JPG (35697 bytes) eucrosmaleeye.JPG (35508 bytes) eucrosmalelabrum.JPG (37749 bytes) eucrosmaleside.JPG (46468 bytes)

eucrosmalescutum.JPG (47380 bytes) eucrosmaletegula.JPG (42274 bytes) eucrosmalescutellum.JPG (53023 bytes) eucrosmaletergatop.JPG (44434 bytes) eucrosmaletergum7.JPG (37046 bytes)

eucrosmalesterna6.JPG (43504 bytes) eucrosmalesterna62.JPG (42753 bytes) eucrosmalesterna63.JPG (39705 bytes) eucrosmalesterna64.JPG (45278 bytes) eucrosmalesterna65.JPG (44714 bytes)