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In the Table of Contents below, records are listed by subject.


Subject Chapter Author
Shortest Generation Time Chapter 6 Tang Li
Shortest Reproductive Life Chapter 37 Craig H. Welch
Shortest Sexual Life Cycle Chapter 16 Likui Yang


Subject Chapter Author
Fastest Flyer Chapter 1 T.J. Dean
Fastest Runner Chapter 39 Thomas M. Merritt
Fastest Wing Beat Chapter 9 C.W. Scherer


Subject Chapter Author
Greatest Host Specificity Chapter 25 G.H. Schneider
Lowest Lifetime Fecundity Chapter 17 Bianca Cecilie Nygård


Subject Chapter Author
Largest Chapter 30 David M. Williams
Largest Blood Meal Chapter 31 K.E. McKenzie
Largest Eggs Chapter 40 Salvatore Vicidomini
Largest Swarm Chapter 27 Hussein Sanchez-Arroyo

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Subject Chapter Author
Longest Chapter 33 Deanna Branscome
The Longest Migration Chapter 11 Christopher Tipping
Largest Lepidopteran Wing Span Chapter 32 Hugo L. Kons, Jr.
Longest Regularly Repeated Migration Chapter 35 J. Akers Pence

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Most Numerous

Subject Chapter Author
Highest Lifetime Fecundity Chapter 18 Henning Brueland
Greatest Host Range Chapter 2 Richard A. Worth
Largest Parasitoid Brood Chapter 26 Juan Manuel Alvarez
Least Specific Sucker of Vertebrate Blood Chapter 10 L.M.A. Okedi
Most Instars Chapter 13 B.R. Sojack
Most Polyandrous Chapter 36 Hector Cabrera-Mireles

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Most Prolonged

Subject Chapter Author
Longest Adult Life Chapter 34 Ramazan Cetintas
Longest Diapause Among Insects Chapter 3 Marcos R. de Faria
Longest Life Cycle Chapter 12 Yong Zeng

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Most Spectacular

Subject Chapter Author
Most Spectacular Batesian Mimicry Chapter 28 Mark Salvato
Most Spectacular Mating Chapter 8 Doug Sieglaff

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Most Tolerant

Subject Chapter Author
Adapted to Greatest Depth Chapter 19 A.A. Akers
Least Oxygen Dependent Chapter 20 Andy Rasmussen
Most Heat Tolerant Chapter 21 Van Sherwood
Most Saline Tolerant Chapter 22 Dina Richman
Most Tolerant of Cold Chapter 4 Jason P.W. Hall
Most Tolerant of Desiccation Chapter 5 Kerri Schwarz

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Subject Chapter Author
Smallest Adult Chapter 38 Jerry E. Gahlhoff, Jr.
Smallest Eggs Chapter 7 Varsovia E. Cevallos

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Subject Chapter Author
Greatest Bioluminescence Chapter 29 Hazel C. Levy
Loudest Chapter 24 John M. Petti
Most Parental Sharing of Brood Care Chapter 14 Kevina Vulinec
Most Toxic Insect Venom Chapter 23 W.L. Meyer
Resistant to Most Insecticides Chapter 15 Barbra Larson Vasquez

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