Public Health Pest Control

Public-Health Pesticide Applicator Training Manual
for the USA and its Territories

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Chapter 1: Introduction - HTML - PDF (194 KB)
Chapter 2: Pests and Public Health - HTML - PDF (383 KB)
Chapter 3: Mosquitoes - HTML - PDF (537 KB)
Chapter 4: House Frequenting Insect Pests - HTML - PDF (347 KB)
Chapter 5: Mites and Ticks - HTML - PDF (236 KB)
Chapter 6: Flies - HTML - PDF (197 KB)
Chapter 7: Venomous Arthropods - HTML - PDF (226 KB)
Chapter 8: Vertebrate Pests - HTML - PDF (505 KB)
Chapter 9: Control Organization Responsibilities - HTML - PDF (266 KB)

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Readability Rating: An analysis using Microsoft Word gave the entire manual a readability average of grade level 10.7. The individual chapters vary from a high of 12.0 to a low of 9.3. The higher ratings are found in those chapters with listings of species or habitats, as in Chapter 3 (Mosquitoes) which devotes a lot of space to these listings. These chapters probably inflated the readability average to a higher level than it actually is.

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