Dr. Andrea Lucky

Assistant Professor, Insect Systematics

Dr. Lucky is an evolutionary biologist and biodiversity scientist with a focus on insects, specifically the evolution of ants. Her research program focuses on two main themes:

    1. insect evolution and biodiversity
    2. science communication with non-scientific audiences

Research in the Lucky Lab addresses fundamental questions about evolutionary relationships among different ant lineages and the timing of dispersal and diversification that has led to the distribution patterns we see today. The approach to answering these questions involves tools such as insect morphology to molecular genetics to phylogenetic statistics. In combination with these research interests, Dr. Lucky uses citizen science as a tool to involve the public in research about native and invasive insects, and to teach about science in general. A major goal of these projects is to make the process of ‘doing’ science accessible to non-scientists. 

Assistant Research Scientist, Insect Systematics