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Dr. Jamie Ellis

Ph.D. - Entomology - Rhodes University - Grahamstown, South Africa
B.S. - Biology - University of Georgia

(352) 273-3924
Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory
University of Florida - Dept. of Entomology and Nematology
P.O. Box 110620
Bldg. 970 Natural Area Dr.
Gainesville, FL 32611


Dr. Ellis joined the Entomology and Nematology department at the University of Florida in August, 2006. His broad research interests include pollination ecology of honey bees and native bees, varroa mite control, honey bee pathology/parasitology, honey bee nutrition, honey bee chemical ecology, sublethal effects of chemicals on bees, and general honey bee behavior/ecology. There are several research projects currently going on at the HBREL which you can learn more about by clicking the "research" link. Dr. Ellis was promoted to an Associate Professor of Entomology in 2012.


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