The Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory (HBREL) is administered by Dr. Jamie Ellis, Gahan Associate Professor of Entomology. The HBREL team is composed of visiting scholars, post-doctoral research fellows, graduate students, undergraduate students, technicians, and laboratory assistants. All members of the HBREL are committed to improving the collective understanding honey bees, native bees, and the communities both support.

Current Lab Members
Jamie Ellis
Associate Professor
(352) 273-3924
Dr. Ellis is the Gahan Associate Professor of Entomology in the Department of Entomology and Nematology at the University of Florida. At the University of Florida, Dr. Ellis has responsibilities in extension, instruction and research related to honey bees. Regarding his extension work, Dr. Ellis created the UF, South Florida, and Caribbean Bee Colleges, and the UF Master Beekeeper Program. As an instructor, Dr. Ellis supervises Ph.D. and masters students in addition to offering an online course in apiculture. Dr. Ellis and his team conduct research projects in the fields of honey bee husbandry, conservation and ecology, and integrated crop pollination. 
Mary Bammer
Extension Coordinator
A background in wildlife biology and agriculture brought Bammer to the University of Florida Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab as the lead technician on Project Integrated Crop Pollination. Since then, she has moved into the role of extension coordinator at HBREL and is working to strengthen the direction of the lab’s extension initiatives.
Brandi Simmons
Laboratory Manager
(352) 273-3969
Lab manager at the University of Florida Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory. Since graduating with her bachelor’s degree from UF in 2014, Simmons has managed and helped out on many research projects in the lab, including the urban/suburban pesticide residue study.
Ashley Mortensen
Ph.D. Candidate
Doctoral candidate at the University of Florida Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab. Mortenson’s current research focuses on the behavior effects of in vitro rearing on adult honey bees. She also completed her master’s degree in the HBREL, during which time she studied drones at Drone Congregation Areas to assess the prevalence of African genetics in the Florida honey bee population.
Cameron Jack
Ph.D. Student
Jack is a Ph.D. student at the University of Florida Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab under the mentorship of Dr. Jamie Ellis and is researching various aspects of Varroa destructor control. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Southern Utah University in 2012 and completed his master’s degree at Oregon State University in 2015, where he conducted research on the honey bee gut pathogen Nosema ceranae.
Tomas Bustamante
Software Developer
Tomas Bustamante is a master's student at the HBREL. He recieved a B.S. of Zoology at the University of Florida before coming to the lab as a research technician in 2012. He became a graduate student in 2013 and worked in that capacity since then. His current research is about using geometric morphometric techniques to identify and monitor for possible invasive honey bee subspecies.
Emily Helton
Extension Technician
Helton has worked at the University of Florida Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab since 2012. She aids on various projects in the lab and is very active in assisting with the production of different extension programs run by the lab including Bee College and the Master Beekeeper Program. Helton also speaks at schools and clubs in the area to teach others about the fascinating world of honey bees.

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