Bug Diversity

This activity will teach you the many different bug parts. Learning the names of the insect's body parts will help you identify unfamiliar insects and complete other activities on this web site.

Test your knowledge of the bug's body parts by following the steps below.

  1. Study the grasshopper diagram
  2. Take the Test (17KB pdf)
    Printable test form


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Other Lesson Plans
  • Can Cockroaches Learn?  Students experiment to see if cockroaches can successfully learn to master a maze.
  • Estimating Insect Populations
    By capturing, "tagging", releasing, and recapturing grasshoppers students are able to estimate their population in an area. 
  • Insect Show-and-Tell Students collect and tell about the features of their favorite insect.
  • Using Insects in Elementary Classrooms
    This site gives a list of 20 lesson plans compiled by the University of Arizona for grades K to 3.