Bug Diversity: Study Guide

Grasshopper Anatomy

  • ANTENNA - two are found on the head, their shape varies, and are used as sensors
  • COMPOUND EYE - each eye is made up of many individual lenses
  • MOUTH - used for ingesting food
  • COXA - attaches the leg to the body
  • THORAX - is the middle body region
  • ABDOMEN - the last part of the body
  • SPIRACLE - small hole in which the insect breathes
  • FEMUR - the first segment of the leg
  • TIBIA - the second or lower part of leg
  • TARSUS - the last segment of the leg
  • CLAW - located at the end of each leg
  • OVIPOSITOR - least body segment in the female abdomen, used for laying eggs during reproduction
  • WINGS - two pairs, used for flying
  • HEAD - first part of the body, used for sensory activity

Can you see these parts on the grasshopper below?

Young Grasshopper

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