Data for 2001 Environmental Entomology paper

T.J. Walker. 2001. Butterfly migrations in Florida: seasonal patterns and long-term changes. Envir. Entomol. 30(6): 1052-1060.

These are the Excel97 workbooks used to organize the data from the raw-data workbooks during preparation of the manuscript:
FTnewsum  summaries and analyses of data for paper
FTregress  regression analysis of migration trends
MgrFall97  estimates of 1997 fall migrations based on Oct. 1-17 data
MigrNum  estimates of total fall migration into the Florida peninsula.

These are Excel97 workbooks used to store and organize the raw data from the flight traps, species by species and year by year (1984-2000):
Phoebis sennae fall spring
Agraulis vanillae fall spring
Junonia coenia fall spring
Urbanus proteus fall spring
Eurema lisa fall spring
Pieris rapae spring
Vanessa virginiensis fall spring
Vanessa atalanta spring
Eurytides marcellus spring
Eurema daira fall
Eurema nicippe fall