Checklist of Florida Tenebrionidae

(based primarily on Peck and Thomas 1998; also Leng 1920, Downie and Arnett 1996)


Florida Tenebrionidae - The darkling beetles (+ Lagriidae and Alleculidae)

The higher classification and generic placement primarily follows that of Aalbu et al. (2002). Three Divisions of the family were recognized - Division 1 (Lagriiformes), Division 2 (Pimeliiformes), and Division 3 (Tenebrioniformes). Most county records were taken from specimens housed in the Florida State Collection of Arthropods (FSCA). Undoubtedly many of these species are represented in additional counties. Question marks following FL indicate a species is likely here based on known life history or distributional information. See Florida County Map for county names and abbreviations.

All underlined species within each checklist have corresponding pictures and species profiles.

I - Lagriiformes (subfamilies Lagriinae, Phrenapatinae) | II - Pimeliiformes (subfamily Pimeliinae)

III - Tenebrioniformes (subfamilies Bolitophaginae, Diaperinae, Hypophloeinae, Opatrinae, Tenebrioninae, Alleculinae, Coelometopinae)

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