We would like to thank Lyle Buss and the University of Florida Entomology and Nematology Department and the Florida State collection of Arthropods-Division of Plant Industry for allowing the use of their Auto-Montage systems for species images. We would also like to thank Shane Hill for photographing specimens and Craig Brabant (University of Wisconsin-Madison) for helping clean most of them using computer software for use on this site. Specimens utilized for images were borrowed from the Florida State Collection of Arthropods and the private collections of Michael C. Thomas and Vince Golia. This idea was born as a class project under the care of Mike Thomas and Paul Skelley in the Systematics of Coleoptera course they taught at the University of Florida. Daniel K. Young, former advisor (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and current friend, is the reason tenebrionids are getting this much deserved attention.

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