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May 14th, 2014

Tree diagnostics

ABOVE: There is help: Ask your question at the new UF Forest Health Diagnostics Forum. Run by five forest health specialists at the University of Florida and the Florida Forest Service, this is a fast and accurate forest pest and disease diagnostic service.

Faculty and Staff News

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Position Title: Chair and Professor - Entomology and Nematology Department

Location: Entomology & Nematology Department
Gainesville, Florida

Position Title: Assistant Professor of Subtropical/Tropical Fruit Crop Entomology

Location: Tropical Research and Education Center
Homestead, Florida

Position Title: Assistant Professor of Strawberry and Small Fruit Entomology

Location: Gulf Coast Research and Education Center
Wimauma, Florida

Congratulations to Dr. Lukasz Stelinski, Citrus Research and Education Center, Department of Entomology and Nematology. He is one of five of our UF/IFAS faculty who have received a University of Florida Research Foundation Professorship Award.  These 3-year professorships were created by UFRF to recognize faculty who have established a distinguished record of research and scholarship that is expected to lead to continuing distinction in their field.
The term of this professorship is 2014-2016.  During each of these three years, each of our awardees will receive a salary supplement of $5,000.00.  In addition, each awardee will be awarded a one-time $3,000 allocation to support their research program. 

Dr. Stelinski recently received a second prestigious award: the UF/IFAS High Impact Research Publication Recognition Award.

Dr. Tom Chouvenc et al. received an award for high impact research at the 7th Annual UF/IFAS FAES Research Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 for their publication: Chouvenc T, Efstathion CA, Elliott ML, Su NY. 2013. Extended disease resistance emerging from the faecal nest of a subterranean termite. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280 20131885.

Dr. Nan-Yao Su visited Vietnam in April, as a scientific advisor for the Institute for Ecology and Work Protection,Vietnam Academy of Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Dr. Christine W. Miller received the 2014 Excellence Award for Assistant Professors from the University of Florida. This honor was based on the quality and innovativeness of research.

On July 14-24, Dr. Rebecca Baldwin and Dr. Roberto Pereira will lead a group of seven undergraduate students on a study abroad program to Thessaloniki and Athens, Greece. The focus of the trip will be agritourism and medical entomology.  The group will be hosted by the American Farm School at Perrotis College. Three of our undergraduate students participating in this trip have received travel grants from CALS. Congratulations to Kristen Donovan, Stefani Harrison, and Andre Sigal Szejner for receiving these awards.

100 years of Extension

ABOVE: On Thursday, April 17th, the Entomology and Nematology Department participated in the CALS Smith-Lever 100 Year Anniversary Celebration at the Plaza of the Americas (9:00-4:00) on UF campus. Dr. Rebecca Baldwin and volunteers from the Entomology Club, Gabby Milanes, Casey Parker, Kristen Donovan, Catherine White, and Stefani Harrison, presented the Arthropod Petting Zoo and Bed Bugs and Book Bags displays for the public.

Student and Alumni News

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Mr. Luis Aristizabal is conducting his Master's degree at the Mid-Florida Research and Education Center under the supervision of Dr. Steven Arthurs, Dr. Ron Cherry and Dr. Ron Cave. Luis is originally from Colombia and is conducting his research on thrips issues in KnockOut roses.

Ashley and Dr. Lucky

ABOVE: Undergraduate Entomology minor, Ms. Ashley Egelie, celebrated her graduation with her cohort of Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars. She is pictured here with faculty mentor Dr. Andrea Lucky. Egelie begins a Master’s degree in Entomology and Nematology this summer under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman. Congratulations, Ashley!

Ms. Natalia Piñeros, an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Miller's lab, was presented with the Turner Award from the Animal Behavior Society based on her excellence in undergraduate research. This award covers all expenses for Natalia to attend the Animal Behavior Society Annual Meeting at Princeton University. Natalia will be provided a full program of mentoring events including a pre-meeting workshop.

Mr. Michael Bentley was the recipient of a $500 Florida Pest Management Foundation Scholarship.

Mr. Jonathan Fethiere joined the laboratory of Dr. James P. Cuda for the Summer C Semester. Jonathan was awarded a 2014 FAES Summer Internship and will be assisting us with biological and host range studies of the Brazilian peppertree weevil Apocnemidophorus pipitzi.

Mr. Zach Kaplan, one of our EY-Biosecurity undergraduate students, has been accepted into the Disney Entomology Internship program for June-December 2014.  He will be leading the "Behind the Seeds" tours at The Land and will be working in the insect biological control lab. 

Mr. Andre Szejner, an undergraduate entomology student, has received a Howard Hughes Medical Institute research internship to work with Dr. Dan Hahn. Andre's research goal is to determine if chill-coma recovery in Drosophila plays a role in selection for high metabolic rates in cold environments.

Two Entomology and Nematology undergraduate students, Ms. Gaby Milanes and Ms. Kristen Donovan, have been selected as 2014-2015 College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Ambassadors. 

Students from the Urban Entomological Society were invited to visit Bayer Environmental Sciences in North Carolina over Spring Break.  Students had the opportunity to tour the Entomology Department at North Carolina State as well. Students were led by Dr. Roberto Pereira and Dr. Rebecca Baldwin and included Casey Parker, Sabrina White, Stefani Harrison, Jade Badon, Gonzalo, Ben Hottel and Teddy Cogley.   

Lab News

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Need to name that bug? A host of experts are available to help Floridians identify any insect or related arthropod. If a mystery creature has six or more legs, the UF Insect ID Lab is the place to call.

Formosan Subterranean termite

ABOVE: It is termite swarming season in south Florida. Dr. Thomas Chouvenc reports that the Formosan subterranean termite dispersal flight has officially started!

Lyle Buss is the Insect ID Lab manager.

Think it might be a nematode problem? The Nematode Assay Laboratory serves Florida and other states by providing nematode assays and expert advice regarding nematode management.

For more information on the Nematode Assay Laboratory, please contact the lab manager Dr. Tesfa Mengistu.


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Bujang NS, Harrison NA, Su NY. 2014. Molecular cloning of five β-glucosidases from four species of higher termites (Blattodea: Termitidae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America 107: 251-256.

Bujang NS, Harrison NA, Su NY. 2014. A phylogenetic study of endo-beta-1, 4-glucanase in higher termites. Insectes Sociaux 61: 29-40.

Cao R, Su NY. 2014. Tunneling and food transportation activity of four subterranean termite species (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) at various temperatures. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 107: 696-701.

Chouvenc T, Su NY. 2014. Colony age-dependent pathway in caste development of Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki. Insectes Sociaux 61: 171-182.

Kuhns EH, Martini X, Tribuiani Y, Coy M, Gibbard C, Peña J, Hulcr J, Stelinski LL. 2014. Eucalyptol is an attractant of the redbay ambrosia beetle, Xyleborus glabratus. Journal of Chemical Ecology 40: 355-362. 

Martini X, Pelz-Stelinski KS, Stelinski LL. 2014. Plant pathogen-induced volatiles attract parasitoids to increase parasitism of an insect vector. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolotion 2: 8. doi: 10.3389/fevo.2014.00008.

Williams CM, Henry HAL, Sinclair BJ. 2014. Cold truths: how winter drives responses of terrestrial organisms to climate change. Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society DOI: 10.111/brv.12105.

Xing L, Chouvenc T, Su NY. 2014. Behavioral and histological changes in the Formosan subterranean termite (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) induced by the chitin synthesis inhibitor noviflumuron. Journal of Economic Entomology 107: 741-747.

New on Featured Creatures:

black salt marsh mosquito, Aedes taeniorhynchus (Wiedemann) Authors: Natasha Marie Agramonte and C. Roxanne Connelly, Entomology and Nematology Department, University of Florida

hydrilla leaf mining flies, Hydrellia spp. Authors: Emma Weeks, Jim Cuda, and Jennifer Russell, Entomology and Nematology Department, University of Florida

dog flea, Ctenocephalides canis (Curtis) Authors: Krista R. Seraydar and Phillip E. Kaufman, Entomology and Nematology Department, University of Florida

leaf-gall thrips of Ficus, Gynaikothrips ficorum (Marchal) and Gynaikothrips uzeli (Zimmerman) Authors: Joseph E. Funderburk, Entomology and Nematology Department, University of Florida; H.A. Denmark, FDACS DPI; Laurence Mound, CSIRO Ecosystem Services, Canberra, Australia; Tom Skarlinsky,USDA, APHIS, PPQ; and Catharine Mannion, University of Florida

Do you have a favorite creature? Learn how to make it into a Featured Creature!

Meetings and Presentations

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Dr. Billy Crow presented "Nematodes in Florida Landscapes" at the Landscape U Pest Management Update event at the Orange County Extension office on 8 April.

Dr. Billy Crow presented "Nematodes on Zoysia" at the Turfgrass Producers of Florida field day in Howie-In-The-Hills on 24 April.

Representing The Entomological Society of America’s Education and Outreach Program, Rebecca Baldwin attended the National Science Teacher’s Association meeting in Boston, MA, April 2-4 to distribute information about the Bed Bugs and Book Bags curriculum

Rebecca Baldwin and Erin Harlow led a teacher workshop on March 22 at the Mississippi Museum of Science in Jackson, MS.  Twenty-two teachers and Dr. Jeffry Brown from the Mississippi Department of Health participated in the hands-on workshop.  If you know teachers who would be interested in hosting a workshop, please contact Rebecca Baldwin. The BBBB curriculum is designed for third through fifth grade students, although it can be adapted to any age group.

Dr. Christine W. Miller presented an invited seminar on April 30th at the University of Minnesota as part of the 2014 Colloquium Series in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior.

Dr. Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman and Dr. Faith Oi were invited to present their findings on school air sampling and the Good Neighbor Project (GNPs) at the Western Region Pesticide Meeting in Seattle, WA on May 8th.

Dr. Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman was invited to present two talks at Cornell University in Ithaca NY on April 25th. The two presentations were sent by Polycom to Geneva NY. The two talks were titled "Going the Distance: Transitioning to a distance learning environment for graduate and undergraduate courses" and "#UFBugs outreach and Extension, using Twitter, Pintrest, YouTube and Facebook." While in Ithaca she also gave a presentation to the Landscape Inspectors Association of Florida for their monthly meeting in Broward County. She used GoToMeeting  from Ithaca, NY on April 24th for her talk "Social media can improve your professionalism!"

Dr. James P. Cuda was an invited speaker for the 2014 Florida Vegetation Management Association Conference held in Daytona Beach, 23-25 April. Cuda gave a presentation titled "Hydrilla IPM- the role of biocontrol agents." The presentation was co-authored by Dr. Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman, Dr. Raymond Hix, Dr. Verena-Ulrike Lietze, and Dr. Emma Weeks.

Dr. James P. Cuda participated in the joint 2014 Spring Conference of the Florida Chapter of the Wildlife Society and the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council held in Safety Harbor, 28 April-1 May. Cuda attended the Board of Directors meeting and submitted annual reports for the Brazilian Peppertree Task Force and Research Grant Committee. He was the author or co-author of the following presentations:

  • Does plant sex affect the performance of the stem boring weevil Apocnemidophorus pipitzi (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on its host plant Brazilian peppertree?
  • Host specificity reveals that the gall-forming psyllid, Calophya latiforceps (Hemiptera: Calophyidae), is safe to release for biological control of Brazilian peppertree (Anacardiaceae).
  • Hydrilla IPM- Starting a statewide extension project.
  • An update of the search for biological control agents of cogongrass.

Finally, Cuda won the 2014 FTWS-FLEPPC Fishing Tournament. The winning fish was a 14” Spanish mackerel.

Dr. James P. Cuda was an invited speaker for the UF/IFAS Certified Crop Advisor Polycom Workshop and Training Session held on 16 April.  Cuda delivered a presentation titled "Integrating biological control and herbicides for invasive plant management." The training session was broadcast to participants at  Lake Alfred, Balm, Gainesville, Ft. Pierce, Tavares, and Immokalee.    


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From the Outreach Coordinator

The live critters are always a hit with children and adults alike. The critters are available for you to check out should you be leading an outreach event. We have doubles of our most popular critters, as well as various native insect species depending on the time of year. We have large wood and Plexiglas cages for viewing our native orb weaving spiders. There is one travel cage and one larger static cage. Please be sure to contact us and review the protocol on transporting and handling the critters if you are not already familiar with it. If you lead an outreach, be sure to fill out a documentation form so your event can be included in the newsletter and we can log all outreach events.

The Entomology Field Camp will be held June 23-27.  Dale Halbritter and Dr. Rebecca Baldwin will direct the camp.  The camp has reached its capacity at 27 campers, but we are still in need of camp staff.  If you are interested, please contact Dale or Dr. Baldwin.  The activities run from 8:00-5:00 each day in room 2218 and will include field trips. Information about the camp is available on the Florida 4-H Bug Club page.

We had many outreaches this semester and many volunteers who helped to make them a wonderful success. In February, as you may remember, we had the state fair for 12 days.

  • The Nematode Assay Lab was there on day 1 represented by David Sekora and Lindsey Wheeler while Rebecca Baldwin and Bryan Ertley manned the critter table. 
  • Dr. Amanda Hodges and Carla Burkle manned the DPM table on day 2 while Alex Arp and Jeff Cluever manned the critter table. 
  • On day 3, we had Dr. Buss’s lab represented by Navneet Kaur and Juliana Xu with Alex Arp, Teddy Cogley, Catherine White, Jennifer Serviss, and Jeff Cluever manning the critter table. 
  • On day 4, the Nematode Assay Lab was there again represented by David Sekora and Lindsey Wheeler while Bryan Ertley, Teddy Cogley, Stephanie Harrison, and Andre Szejner manned the critter table. 
  • On day 5, Dr. Ellis’s lab was there represented by Emily Helton and Tomas Bustamante and the critter table was manned by Ryan Huether and Stephanie Stocks. 
  • Dr. Cuda’s lab was there on day 6 represented by Emma Weeks, Julie Baniszewski, and Eutychus Kariuki along with Dr. Hahn’s lab represented by Bo Idsardi, Vanessa Simoes Dias de Castro, Chao Chen, and Qinwen Xia. 
  • Day 7 featured Dr. Crow’s lab represented by Mengyi Gu, Richard Baidoo, Sudarshan Aryal and Dr. Crow along with Dale Halbritter, Tamika Garrick, and Lorena Lopez who manned the critter table. 
  • Day 8 had featured just the critter table which was manned by Nina Zagvazdina, Chris Johns, and Ephraim Ragasa. 
  • Day 9 featured the Koehler lab represented by Ben Hottel, Holly Beard, Sam Pass, Mason Russo, and  Roberto Pereira as well as Catherine White and Ashley Mortensen who manned the critter table. 
  • Zachary Kaplan and Stephanie Stocks manned the critter table on day 10 along with Heather Erskine, Sierra Abjullaj, Zachary Nolen, and Natalie Bois who represented Dr. Miller’s lab.
  • Day 11 featured Dr. Dickson’s lab represented by Dr. Dickson, Janete Brito, Sherry Yuan, Silvia Vau, and  Maria Mendes while Heather Erskine and Sara Orsorio manned the critter table.
  • On the last day, Dr. Lucky’s lab was featured represented by Sedonia Steininger and Tyler Vitone while Janine Razze, Chris Crockett, and Lindsey Iglesias manned the critter table. 

We also had an outreach at Littlewood Elementary in February that was mentioned in the Gainesville Newspaper. Catherine White, Jennifer Serviss, and Stefani Harrison volunteered to help with that outreach. 

In March, we had outreaches at High Springs Library (led by Dr. Rebecca Baldwin), Norton Elementary (twice), and Queen of Peace Catholic Academy. 

On March 11, members of the Entomology Club, Gabby Milanes, Jennifer Servis, Mia Holt, Richie Konowal, Heather Erskine, Kristen Donovan, and Dr. Rebecca Baldwin, participated in an FDACS bee hive inspection and honey extraction. Thanks to Ryan Willingham of FDACS for a great workshop.

The Entomology Education and Outreach program, Dr. Rebecca Baldwin and Sherri Kraeft with Entomology Club volunteer Cat White, joined forces with the Honey Bee Research Lab to hold the 2014 Jr. Bee College for 16 campers on Saturday, March 8th. Campers created bee eyes, learned the waggle dance, worked the pollination station, explored a hive with Dr. Schmehl and worked through the bee-keeping materials.

Thank you to everyone who participated in BugFest on April 1.  We had 316 visitors to our department including 168 high school and college students. More than 30 members of the Entomology Club volunteered to make this event a success.  Visitors were able to speak with students, faculty and staff about the entomology major and minor, the DPM program, the Entomology Club and the Beekeeping Club. 

ABOVE: Volunteers included: Dr. Rebecca Baldwin, Dr. Amanda Hodges, Ruth Brumbaugh, Tyler Vitone, Sedonia Steininger, Chase Kimmel, Kristen Donovan, Stefani Harrison, Lauren Avila, Austin Stevens, Jennifer Serviss, Sam Pass, Mary Karcher, Zachary Kaplan, Richie Konowal, Sabrina White, Sara Osorio, Kiona Elliott, Mason Russo, Keith Gerber, Gabby Milanes, Emily Payne, Alex LoCastro, Lindsay Wheeler, Brian Ertley, Andre Szejner, Catherine White, Derrick Conover, Casey Parker, Heather Erskine, Morgan Weldon, Ana Heshmat, Teddy Cogley, Ryan Huether, Andrea Darmanjian, Natalie Grand'Bois, Sophie Nagle, Devin Franklin, Derek Yan, Kayla Afrin, and Kelly Dexter.

In April, we had outreaches at Archer Elementary (Mike Bentley, Matthew Moore, Aaron Pemerantz, and Deepak Shrestha all volunteered to help for that event),  Dr. N. H. Jones Elementary, Oakcrest Elementary (Ephraim Ragasa volunteered to help with that event), Baby Gator – Lake Alice (led by Ashley Mortensen), Legacy Elementary, High Springs Community School (led by Erika Machtinger), and South Ocala Elementary.

In addition, in April, we had an outreach opportunity with visitors from Cornell University and working with Charlotte Emerson in the CALS Dean’s Office, we hosted 30 middle and high school visitors during their campus tour.

On Saturday, April 12th, Dr. Rebecca Baldwin and Entomology Club members Teddy Cogley, Jennifer Servis, Gabby Milanes, Stefani Harrison, Andre Szejner, Sabrina White, Casey Parker, and Christian Fleming represented the Entomology and Nematology Department at CALS Gator Encounter from 9:00-1:00 at the Reitz Union.  More than 600 middle school and high school students in the AVID program from around the state visited campus to learn more about majors in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.  The campus visitors were able to learn about the various Entomology and Nematology undergraduate specializations while interacting with the live arthropods from the Arthropod Petting Zoo.

On Monday, April 14th, Dr. Rebecca Baldwin, Entomology Club members Stefani Harrison and Kristen Donovan, and CALS Ambassadors Casey Parker and Sabrina Lesinger were featured guests and speakers at the CALS Gator Gathering in Citra. Dr. Baldwin spoke on the advantages of a found major such as Entomology and Nematology. The department was represented with displays featuring the Bed Bugs and Book Bags program, the Arthropod Petting Zoo, and Microlivestock: Insects as a Sustainable Food Source. The 115 attendees included CALS graduates, current students, prospective students, newly admitted students, deans and CALS representatives. Two former graduate students, Crystal Atkinson and Eddie Atkinson, were in attendance.

Two tours on Friday, April 18th. Innovation Academy entomology tour - 1 family. Dr. Rebecca Baldwin with volunteers Casey Parker and Catherine White and a CALS middle/high school tour - Dr. Rebecca Baldwin with volunteers.

If you would like to schedule an event or have any outreach questions, go to the Outreach pages on our Bug Club Website and contact us.

Stephanie Stocks, Outreach Coordinator 
- Office number  352-273-3958

Getting social!

We have several social media sites for the Entomology & Nematology Department. To make them easily searchable, all three (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) have the same page name: UFEntomology. Please share these links with past students or colleagues who may have an interest in departmental activities.


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Virni Mattson, our grants specialist, reports that from March 1st to April 30th, 2014, we have had 14 new grants or contracts awarded for a total of $489,053.12 in external funding for all Entomology & Nematology faculty (in Gainesville and at RECs).

Steven Arthurs was awarded a $44,906 grant by the USDA-IR-4 program to conduct research on biopesticide control for armored scales.


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97th Annual Meeting of the Florida Entomological Society

August 3rd to the 6th, 2014, at the Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa in Jupiter, Florida.

Exhibitors/Vendors are welcome and for a fee can set up a booth for all three days of the meeting. Two lunch tickets are included.

Call for Paper/Poster Submissions is open, the deadline is May 31 - see our website for the Abstract Submission Form.

Pre-registration deadline for the meeting is Friday, June 18th. Payment may be made at the meeting, but the pre-registration form must be submitted no later than the deadline to get the discount. Both registration and paper submission forms can be found on the website under the Annual Meeting tab

Please send all submissions to:

Cindy McKenzie, Ph.D.
Research Entomologist
US Horticultural Research Laboratory / ARS-USDA
2001 South Rock Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34945
772.462.5917 office
772.462.5911 lab
772.462.5986 fax

Call for nominations for FES Vice President and Member At Large 

Please forward your nominations to Clark Lovelady, Past President, clark.lovelady@syngenta.com. Self nominations are also accepted. The responsibilities of the two offices can be found in the Operating Guidelines in the 2010 Revisions to Guidelines/Awards Lists.

FES Honors and Awards 2014

The FES Honors and Awards Committee is requesting nominations for 2014 in the following categories:

Entomologist of the Year
Annual Achievement Award for Research
Annual Achievement Award for Extension
Annual Achievement Award for Industry
Annual Achievement Award for Teaching
Annual Achievement Award for Regulatory Entomology
Achievement Award for a Collaborative Research Team
Any other special awards

Winners will be announced at the 2014 Annual Meeting. Each nomination should be accompanied with a justification narrative that will be read at the awards luncheon.
Nomination deadline is July 1, 2014. Look at some of our previous winners.

Nominations should be sent to:

Jawwad Qureshi, Ph.D.
University of Florida, IFAS
Southwest Florida Research and Education Center
2685 SR 29 N
Immokalee, FL 34142-9515 USA
Ph: 239-658-3451
Fax: 239-658-3469


The Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab is proud to announce its 2nd international Extension event:

The 7th Caribbean Beekeeping Congress and 2nd Annual Caribbean Bee College held Monday-Friday, May 26-30, 2014 at the University of the Virgin Islands, Albert A. Sheen Campus, Kingshill, St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands. This full week of honey bee research, education, and current events will feature some of the leaders in apiculture from around the world. Dr. Jamie Ellis and Jeanette Klopchin of the HBREL, members of the Florida Apiary Inspection team and participants of the Florida Master Beekeeper Program have served to organize the event and will present scientific papers as well as teach hands-on beekeeping workshops. The event is expected to attract about 100 participants from the Caribbean and neighboring countries.

Registration is currently open for participants, call for papers (deadline extended), vendors, and guests.

Please use the address CBC.CBCVI@gmail.com for all registration inquiries and submissions.

Additional questions regarding donations, sponsorships, and general information can be addressed to University of Florida rep: Jeanette Klopchin (352) 273-3932.

About this Newsletter

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We like to share news when it happens using our social media outlets: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Follow us on these sites for daily updates! When you send news, we will post it on one or more of these sites and again in the monthly newsletter. Please be sure you have permission from people in photographs you submit for publication.

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