Web Based Training

A train-the-trainer introductory webinar for the “Protect U.S. Community Invasive Species Network” was held on Tuesday, February 8, 2011. The session provided basic information on the purpose, content and direction of the Protect U.S. project. Key participants included IPM coordinators, NPDN first detector trainers, extension educators from 1862, 1890 and 1994 Land Grant Institutions, and federal and state governmental agency employees involved in invasive species detection and management.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the presentations that were held during the Protect U.S. Train-the-Trainer Webinar.

Local Training

The Community Invasive Species Network does not specifically offer local training, but you may contact your local Cooperative Extension Office service or search on the NPDN Training Site for upcoming local training sessions of potential interest.

PowerPoint presentations, with speaker notes, are provided for educators to use at local training sessions under 'educational materials'. Educators are asked to cite the authors, date of publication, and the website (www.protectingusnow.org). Training materials will be periodically updated, but educators are responsible for considering the date of publication as a reference for use of materials since invasive species information (for example, distribution details) may change rapidly.