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Weevils that Eat Bromeliads

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About weevils in general

Weevils in Florida

A list of weevils known to eat bromeliads

Origin of the weevil Metamasius callizona

Biology of the weevil Metamasius callizona

History of Metamasius callizona in Florida

About biological control

Safety of classical biological control

Frequently-asked questions about biocontrol

Biological control of Metamasius callizona

About chemical control of Metamasius callizona

Other bromeliad-eating Metamasius species

Other bromeliad-eating weevils

Bibliography on weevils that eat bromeliads

Weevil Pests of Bromeliads Illustrated

Florida Native Bromeliads Illustrated

Urgent Peril to Florida's Native Species of Bromeliads

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