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Florida Native Bromeliads Illustrated

Which ones are in peril from Metamasius callizona?

Table 1. Florida bromeliads under attack by Metamasius callizona in native habitats
Tillandsia utriculata Linnaeus Giant airplant
Tillandsia balbisiana Schultes Northern needleleaf
Tillandsia flexuosa Swartz
Twisted airplant
Tillandsia fasciculata Swartz
Cardinal airplant - Yellow bract
Tillandsia fasciculata Swartz
Cardinal airplant - Red bract
Tillandsia variabilis Schlechtendal
Leatherleaf airplant
Tillandsia paucifolia Baker
Potbelly airplant
Guzmania monostachia (Linnaeus)
West Indian tufted airplant
Tillandsia simulata Small
No vernacular name

Table 2. Florida bromeliads which probably will be attacked by Metamasius callizona

Tillandsia pruinosa
Swartz Fuzzywuzzy airplant
Catopsis berteroniana (Schultes)
Powdery strap airplant
Catopsis floribunda (Brongniart)
Florida strap airplant
Catopsis nutans (Swartz)
Nodding strap airplant

Table 3. Florida bromeliads which probably will not be attacked by Metamasius callizona

Tillandsia bartramii Elliott
Bartram's airplant
Tillandsia setacea Swartz Southern needleleaf
Tillandsia usneoides (Linnaeus) Spanish moss Tillandsia recurvata (Linnaeus) Ball moss  

Metamasius callizona  


The three tables give vernacular names of the bromeliads as used in Richard P. Wunderlin (1998) "Guide to the vascular plants of Florida." The names Spanish moss and ball moss are true common names, but the other names were made up and are not "common."

The status of the plants (threatened or endangered) is as listed in the 2000 Florida Administrative Code under authority of the Florida Statutes. Tillandsia utriculata and Tillandsia fasciculata came to be listed as endangered because they are under attack by the weevil, but the other species so marked were already listed as threatened or endangered.

All photos by JH Frank/University of Florida except Tillandsia utriculata by R Noonan, Catopsis nutans by R Cruz and Metamasius callizona by JL Castner/University of Florida.

Note: Some of the photographs could be bettered. If you have a better slide and are willing to allow it to be used for this page, you will be acknowledged.

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