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ID Guide Websites

Bug Guide

Identification, images, & information for insects, spiders & their kin, of the United States & Canada.

Bees of Florida

A web site about the bees found living in Florida, USA, it is designed to help facilitate their identification by serving as a virtual reference collection and to help point out the key features used in identifying bees to family, genus, and species.

Bumble Boosters

Features bumble bee biology, an interactive identification key, and educational activities for high school students.

Xylocopa micans  


BWARS runs frequent workshops to help members learn how to identify the various groups of bees, wasps and ants. Key works that help with the determination of species are listed here.

Discover Life

Resources to help study wildlife, including keys to identify bees and wasps.


An online version of the key to the families of Hymenoptera. Includes a PDF version of the key for download and new photographs added to many of the original illustrations.

Megachile spp.  

Identification Atlas of the Vespidae (Hymenoptera, Aculeata) of the northeastern Nearctic region

A brief introduction to the morphology, biology and distribution of Vespidae is given. Keys to subfamilies, genera and species are provided, and illustrated with 60 photographic plates showing most diagnostic characters. All species are illustrated on 287 separate plates by means of a set of standard photographs of pinned specimens, and, where available, photographs of live specimens in the field.

Insect & Spider Identification

There are over 1 million identified species of insects and spiders (Arthropods) in the world today with many more still awaiting categorization and discovery. attempts to provide an understanding of common North American insects and spiders.

Keys to the Bee Families of the World

A website intended to allow the user to identify a bee from anywhere in the world to family level. It is comprised of three independent keys: 1) a key to determining the sex of a bee 2) a key to family level for both male and female bees 3) a key to family level for female bees only.

Monobia spp.  ┬ęBob Moul

Megachile of Canada

Leafcutter and Mason Bees of the Genus Megachile Latreille (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) in Canada and Alaska.


ID Key References

1. Bees of Florida Part 1 (click to download)

    Bees of Florida Part 2 (click to download)

2. Arizona Bee Identification Guide (click to download)

3. Montana Bee Identification Guide (click to download)

4. Ohio Bee Identification Guide (click to download)

5. Hymenoptera of the World (click to download)

6. A Visual Guide for the Identification for British Coelioxys Bees  (click to download)

7. Test Key for Hylaeus Bees  (click to download)

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