Solitary bees and wasps in your own backyard!

Honey Bee Research & Extension Lab      


The Goal of Native Buzz

        Native Buzz is a citizen science project created by the University of Florida (UF) Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab. Our goal is to learn more about the nesting preferences, diversity and distribution of our native solitary bees and wasps, to share the information gained and to provide a forum for those interested in participating in the science and art of native beekeeping (and wasp-keeping!). Here at University of Florida Native Buzz you can keep track of your own Native Buzz Nest Site and see the results of other participant’s nest sites.

Through participation in Native Buzz you can:

  • Design and build nesting habitat for solitary bees and wasps.
  • Identify the solitary bees and wasps as they emerge from your nesting site.
  • Compare the populations of solitary bees and wasps nesting in your site to other nesting site populations across the country.
  • Investigate the ecological web of predators, prey, parasites, pollinators and more.
  • Collect and record data about the solitary bees and wasps that nest in your site.
  • Share your findings and contribute to a growing database of knowledge. 
  • Explore the fascinating world of solitary bees and wasps!

Using the data you collect WE can:

  • Monitor the populations of solitary bees and wasps globally.
  • Monitor the regional distribution and diversities of solitary bees and wasps.
  • Create action plans for endangered species of solitary bees and wasps.
  • Find potential manageable species of pollinators for crop production or bio-control agents for pest control.
  • Track introduced non-native or invasive species of solitary bees and wasps.
  • Diversify our pollination tool-belt so that we are less reliant on the handful of bee species that are currently managed.