Welcome to the Biosecurity lab!

The Biosecurity Research & Extension (BRE) lab focuses on investigating invasive, arthropod species of potential concern to Florida's landscape, natural areas, and agriculture. The BRE lab creates a variety of extension pest diagnostic guides, fact sheets, and e-learning modules.  Educational materials produced by the BRE lab are Florida, southern regional, or national in scope, depending upon the project's purpose and funding source.  Additionally, BRE research is translated into extension workshops and publications for Florida clientele.

Visit the Publications section of our website to view our extension resources and research publications.

Interested in our current research and extension projects? Visit the Research and Collaborators & Projects tabs listed above.

The BRE lab also serves as a resource for all DPM students. Although some DPM students are formally members of the lab, all students have the opportunity to participate in extension efforts, internships, and may assist lab members with ongoing research efforts. Currently, the BRE lab only accepts MS and PhD students that are co-enrolled in the DPM Program.

The BRE lab was formed in 2011 and is housed in the Department of Entomology and Nematology at the University of Florida.  Creation of the BRE Lab was funded in part by the Steinmetz Endowment.